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Here's what I want to accomplish. I have a number of scenes set up. I would like to have the ability to leave the selected scene active, but fade certain lights from whatever color they are to light amber. Then, later I want to fade from amber back to whatever the scene was before.

I am setting this up for other people to operate with little or no training. So simplicity is critical. I like the idea of having a single button set up. Press the button, the lights fade to amber. Press again to deselect, they fade back.

I can set up a switch that will fade to amber. That is easy. But I can't find any way to make a switch fade back it is turned off. It just flashes back to the previous color. Is there a way to make it fade back? If not, is there another way to accomplish what I need?

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I was afraid of that. It just seems strange that CompuLive has the functionality to fade into an easy step switch, but no way to fade back out.

Unfortunately, I can't just create two scenes. I'd have to create two versions of every scene. I think that would make the interface window too cluttered and confusing for the operators.

I did figure out a way to create a slider that would fade the desired lights to and from pure white. Unfortunately "pure" white from these RGB fixtures looks horrible on skin tones, so I need to go to a warm amber shade.

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