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Hey there,

I have a few more things stumping me - hopin for a helping hand.

1. I'm trying to use compression for the buttons on the master page to save some screen real estate. I have a few scene buttons that all start with the word "STATIC" because they are just single color front lights with no movement. I go to the settings for the Master page, go to Compression, click New, then Rename and type in STATIC. Then I select my STATIC compression from the drop down box. Enable is already checked. Whenever I click on any of the radio buttons below (scene, switch, cycle) or (List, Icon, etc.) I get the following kinda cryptic error:

If I click on the error, then click OK on the compression settings, the buttons don't compress, and if I go back into compression the new STATIC one that I created isn't there.

2. I see quite few pre-drawn presets for the Behringer BCF2000 series consoles. Don't suppose there are any already pre-made for the Behringer FCB1010 foot controller that I could have, are there?

3. This is just kind of a heads up, I've already fixed it for me. The Chauvet Omega 250c profile that's included doesn't have the dimmer channel set to type dimmer. And therefore the dimmers on the live toolbar don't affect it. Just changing it to a dimmer type and saving it seemed to fix it.

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Hey Jingles!
Thanks a million for this and your other videos. They're great. Almost like having a personal coach!

I'm not sure what I'm doing differently than you are in the video. The only thing I can maybe see different is that you made a button called "STATIC" (which matches the compression name) and nothing else after it. All of my scenes are called STATIC <something>. I guess maybe the empty one is required?

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