I just purchased Elation's Compu Live software and serveral American DJ Dynasty Scans (along with outher lights), but was a little suprised to find that there is no pre-loaded profile in the scanlibrary.

I am very, very new to software-based dmx control and not confident that I could write a good profile in the editor.

So does anyone know if ADJ/Elation has writen .ssl that's availble for download?

(Otherwise, I'm considering returning the fixtures and going with something different).

Thanks for your help!!!
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hey welcome to the forums. now don't get discouraged too easily now! the dynasty scans are a simple fixture. and the aspect of making a profile for em is not hard. in fact it should be pretty easy. i too use compuware and i have had to build my own profiles before snd those were hard! i might be able to possibly make one or you but it relly could eat up some of my time. let me know what you want to do. peace! jingles!!
Thanks for being willing to help!! Smiler

I could take a shot at it...

I guess I'm just assuming that writing a profile myself will result in something that has limited feature access (globo shapes, pre-programmed movements etc.) - compared to a profile professionally written by ADJ?

Thanks again for your help!
so then are you gonna try to make one? it really isn't all that hard with a fixture like the dynasty scan. pretty much all you have is pan/tilt color gobo and blackout. very basic. let me know what your doing. and if you get lost u can e-mail me the one you have worked on and i'll take a look at it. peace! jingles!!
I guess I'll try to make one.

It's still a bit surprising/disappointing that Elation/American DJ doesn't offer such basic support on for new products, but purhapse they didn't intend for the Dynasty scan to be used for this sort of thing...

Thanks again for all the help!!
most compuware users use the program for higher end lighting products such as like the moving heads and stuff. i don't think they evisioned anybody using the dynasty scan on compuware. but don't worry im here o help correct that. lol! peace! jingles!
hey aaronr i was looking at the manual for the dynasty scan and it is not a hard fixture at all. if u need help let me know im pretty sure i could make that for you glitch free! peace@ jingles!

Total DMX Newbie... Just bought the Elation Compu Live package (1024EC). And also bought 4 American DJ Dynasty Scans and am now looking for the .ssl file. I saw that Michael had posted it on the 4shared site but the link says it's gone now. So... could ya repost or send me it to me direct please Smiler

hey! welcome to the forums. i will try to get ahold of someone that might have a copy of the profile. also if u need help with compu feel free to ask here. i have the 2048FC+ so ask away. peace! jingles.

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