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We've recently purchased an Elation DMX Operator. It's pretty much bottom line this one without the polarity switch on the back. It's controlling 10 HTL LED par64 pro cans.

We've been trying to put each par on it's own fixture. Following the manual for the board, we set each light's address to intervals of 16 (1, 17, 33, and so on). To our surprise this did not work at all. We then attempted separating them by 6 since we're using only the first 6 sliders for each light (intensity, r, g, b, effect, speed). That didn't work either (not a huge surprise). Finally we started setting the lights to random addresses and seeing which fixtures they responded to. DMX configuration should not be trial and error, but that's what we were forced to do. These are the addresses we finally figured out worked for each fixture:

Fixture 1: 1
Fixture 2: 33
Fixture 3: 17
Fixture 4: 49
Fixture 5: 9
Fixture 6: 41
Fixture 7: 25
Fixture 8: (We never did find this one)
Fixture 9: 5
Fixture 10: 37
Fixture 11: 21 (as a replacement for 8)

We can set any of the lights to any of these addresses and they'll work on that fixture - but these are entirely wrong addresses. What's going on here?
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Hi Joel,

Thank you for you input - however, we've attempted to configure it like that and it simply doesn't work. Fixture one controls lights on address one, but fixture two will only control lights set to 33. Fixture two will not control lights set to address 17. My first post shows the addresses that each fixture seems to control.
Thanks for the response, and sorry for not to reply you earlier, but I went to see a friend that might help me with my DMX operator, but still nothing happens, so I want to know if I could link you my youtube video, so you could see my operator 192 and tell me what I’m doing wrong, here in Mexico don’t know what is a DMX terminator, well in the store that I bought most of my stuff, but I want to know if it’s a must to have a DMX terminator.

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