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I am an end user of a system put in by a local company, with limited knowledge of the system, other than trying different things in the programming of the controller, using the software provided.

I have a few questions:

When the system is on, I can select a scene using the front panel of the controller, but that scene only last about 60 seconds, then the controller reverts back to it’s original state. Question #1: Is there any way to program these buttons and/scenes to run for an extended time, say overnight, and not revert back to the original state?

My scenes are mostly short scenes, 20-30 seconds, but when put on calendar I extend the duration for the time period I want, such as overnight. This works good.

One thing I noticed when programming the scene is that the selected fixture’s icon in the software does not change colors as directed. The actual fixtures do, but not the icons on the editor page. I have found that you can add other types of fixtures that do change. Question #2: Is there a better method to run the software without having to look at the actual fixtures to see what colors are being called for? The fixtures are on the roof of a 3 story building, outside, so it is a little difficult to run a scene from the controller, then run outside to verify the colors are what I want.

Question #3: What signifies a trigger point? I have run into it when setting up scenes on the calendar. I have found the limit to be 40. If I extend a scene starting Jan 1 (3 scenes a day – one for time period 12am to 8am, one for the time period 8am to 4pm, and a 3rd scene for 4pm to 12midnight), to Feb 1st, then change the scenes for 1 day, then change it back to the scene I had before, do this use up 9 trigger points?
Please let me know if there are steps that I can take to make this system run as desired.
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