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So I have four Z350's, eight Z120's, and ten Z175 Pars. 


All of these lights are right at 2 years old now. This past week I have 2 lights doing the same thing and I can't figure out why. Could totally be user error. 


One of the Z350's and 1 of the Z175 Pars are working normally EXCEPT they will not "strike" or emit any light at all. They both zoom (you can hear it) and the 350 pans and tilts just fine. Everything works except the LED chips. 


Got any ideas? Console is a MagicQ PC with a Maxi Wing. Both lights have been remotely reset with no change. I haven't been able to access them yet up close, but since the rest of the light works I'm not sure what I would accomplish by getting the lift out and going up there anyway. 


Is there a separate fuse just for the light engine? I breezed through the manual and didn't see it mentioned. 


Let me know where I should start looking! 



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A month later and I'm picking this up again. 


i just got to the Z350 and yes, all channels are at 255. I went ahead and did the DFSE Reset and it is still the same. Pan, tilt and Zoom all work. No light output. 


My Z175 has had a change though. We had a storm come through and knock out power. Once power resumed the Z175 is outputting blue and some white but will no longer respond to any DMX. It's just stuck on and won't respond. 


I had another Z350 fail after this power failure as well. It is trying to pan and is chattering. It no longer pans properly and is making noise. 


So now I've got 2 Z350's and a Z175 that are all dead. 


BTW, these are in an install. They don't tour, they don't even get touched. They hang up there and get used 3 times a week. 

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