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Have a recent LED36/DS250pro install that really doesnt want to clutter the airspace with any more hanging lights or cans, but needs additional lighting on the congregation.(three projectors and screens in this Church as well - 1 on back wall, 2 on front walls)

What Elation products might help here in lighting up the congregation seating areas?

(very little natural light thru the windows. high cathedral ceilings with wooden beams every 14'. also have a 3" deep lip along the top of the crown molding along each side of the sanctuary)

Considering the Octostrip but have never seen one in person.
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I can't.
Im at the tire shop putting new ones on the work van. Just happened to have the store laptop with me and an ethernet cable.
Otherwise I'd be stuck watching Christy Yamagoochie on the only TV station they get in this place. HAHAHA!

But yes, seems the 2 options are either a low profile up-light from the crown molding along the sides, (traditionally churches put florescent bulbs here), or some sort of tiny can(or long thin) fixture on each beam washing down on the congregation.
Those might be out of their price range but think im on the right track.

I think once they compare the fixture price and ease of installation of the DLED12brick to having an electrician come in and pull wire for conventional down lights, the LED fixtures may win out.

FWIW, they dont need color changing or strobes - just a general white light on the congregation.
12brick come as a WHITE yet?

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