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I guess it depends who the potential customer is?
there are many.. clubs, bars, churches, dj's, event rental, corporate event, small band stage, medium band stages large band stages, concert venues, casinos... Every potential customer would needs a different approach.

However our success is measured by our customers success. We can say that those companies who have invested in a good lighting element for their venue have proven to get more customers and more repeat business.. hence they are also our return customers for when multiple venues are needed. They know that lighting works and those are the successful business.

The problem is lighting is always the last expense considered.
1st is architecture, then sound and last lighting.
I've seen a $1 million venue with a $250K sound system and $20K budget for lighting. Successful venues invest equally in lighting as they do with sound.

Many forget that people are not bats.. we are not driven by what we hear but by what we see.

And every person is intrigued by lighting.. lighting captures the curiosity of the public. Just like moths to a light bulb, people are attracted to a well lit place. This in turn has resulted in increased business and foot traffic.

However retaining that foot traffic has to rely on the customer service the venue offers. Bad customer service makes good lighting and sound worthless.
I'll agree with John. Customer service is a big one. I can say for sure that a lot of the customers I am able to give really good customer service/support too always either call me back or email me when they need help. And they appreciate my help and tell me so. And I can guarantee that those same customers will stay loyal to my brand because of the support I have given them.
One other thing most clients look for is, strong product knowledge. They want to know and make sure that you know how to properly use and set up and train them on the gear your selling them. So I would say if you can sell them that you offer both of these services and are good at it then they will be happy clients who will most likely return to your business.

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