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We want to get a new lighting systems which will include: LED pars and tri bars and there will be some dimmers to control for front lighting. we currently have the dmx operator (basic).. I was thinking to use this for the dimmers only and the software can control the LEDs.

here are my questions:

What product to get?
- can the computer incorporate the dmx operator or any other controller to create scenes
- can each LED light be controlled independently in a scene in case we want different colors for whatever reason?
-I've been to the website but it's a bit confusing to figure out the different choices like: 1024c, compu cue basic, etc.

let me know if you need more info?

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Hi Byron!
Actually yes the program could very well use the dmx operator in conjunction with the other lights and the program all in one. This is called DMX in. What it does and how it works is you program scenes in the DMX operator for your par cans or just general dimmer control. You would go DMX cable out from the OP to the DMX IN on the Compu Cue Basic or Compu Cue (We don't sell the 1024EC as they are discontinued) and in the program you would patch in a page for your dimmers but set them to "listen" to the DMX In. But you would use a DMX cable on the DMX out of the Compu interface and run it to all of your lights.
Does this kind of make sense? Trust me it is way easier than it sounds. Smiler
Yes and can have full control over all of your LED fixtures providing you patch them individually and not use repeating or "duplicated" DMX starting addresses.
Hope this helps. And if you have more questions feel free to let me know.
HI! James,

thanks for replying. just a few more questions.
what is the difference between compu basic and compu cue?

I do get the dmx addressing, but i've looked around to see how you can control them individually and I cannot find it. for example say i have 4 led pars, how do get them to display 4 diff colors at the same time? I've used compu live or compu show is better?

thanks again,
Compu cue basic only supports one DMX 512 universe In and one DMX 512 Universe Out. The Compu Cue support 2 DMX universes out and 1 DMX universe In. It also has the ability to give you 4 universes of Ethernet or Art-net. And it also supports stand alone memory should you wish to import some scenes from the compu show program to store into the interface memory for use without a computer hooked up via USB to the interface.

I prefer the Compu Show software. You can get more individual control of your LED easier on compu show than you can on compu live directly from the fixture page and fixture group window.
Let me know which program you want to figure this out on and I can tell you. Or give me a call 1-323-213-4590

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