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Hey all, I am doing lights for a startup church, and we are just renting the local movie theater for morning services. We do a lot of cool lighting stuff, but myself and the audio tech, were both thinking about how cool to get some moving head fixtures into our rig. The problem being the haze. First of all, we would want to use as little as possible, as it is a church and not a rock concert (pastors words after my first day ;-), second, we would need to have the theater pretty much haze free with in a matter of an hour or 2. So A, what would be a good small hazer, B, if we just set up a couple fans point out the door, will we get it all out? C: what is the life span of haze.

Before I worked here, I just had a couple big martin hazers, and never worried about it, but this is slightly different, so I am not knowing what to do.

Thanks all for help and advise.

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How long haze sticks around depends on a few factors. First, oil based or water based. Oil based tends to linger longer then water does. Second, what is the air flow like in the room in question? If you are moving a lot of air, haze won't linger as long. Poor air flow and haze will stay forever. So if the room has poor air flow, some fans drawing air in and out (like a wind tunnel) would help quite a bit.

As for a good, small hazer, I would recommend water based due to the need to clear the room quickly. The Antari Z-300 II would be a good, inexpensive choice. If more power and DMX control is needed, the Antari X-310 II. I have a few X-310s and love them. Have hazed out large stages running at 10% for hours on end using almost no liquid, or much smaller rooms with the timer keeping it from becoming a soupy mess.

Anymore questions feel free to ask.
You don't need Antari brand fluid. All fog/haze machines will tell you to use their brand of fluid. The truth is if you buy a good quality fluid thats been filtered, it will work just fine.

In the case of your machine you want water based fluid. I get my fluid from They make very good fluid and have both fast dissipating and a "haze" fluid that will stay in the air a little longer.

You will notice that the manual for the X-310 says to use Antari FLG fluid, DO NOT use this fluid as it is very thick and will hang in the air.

One last thing, I would not go with the fast dissipating fluid for a haze application. You will have to run your machine non stop the entire time and will use up fluid in no time. This stuff is made more for low lying foggers so the fog will dissipate as soon as you turn it off. If you go with haze fluid from froggys it will dissipate in 30 min or so if you have air moving.

Justin Massengill
Tech Director
New Life Ministries
If the space is small, the X310 will have no issues hazing the room out at about 10%. Running at 10% constantly, I have ran the machine for as long as 12 hours and used maybe a quarter of a tank, so he won't run out of fluid fast. Even running at 100%, it still takes a couple of hours to burn through the tank. The X310 is very efficient in its use of fluid.
Again.. Serra is right on it..
Whenever I use the X-310.. I always run it between 10 and 17% continuos.
Over 20% and that thing is blasting.

I also agree with EBAC... don't use FLG. Actually FLG is a fluid from Antari that we don't import.
Elation makes X series Fluid.
X-Fog Pro
X-Fog Ice
X-Haze Oil
X-Haze H20

All I can say is that this is the fluid I use, and wouldn't recomend a fluid I've never used on the X-310II. Maybe EBAC and Serra have used different fluids on the X-310 but, I wouldn't go with anything that hasn't been used before.

On another note.. we've been discussing Haze, but the X-310 is actually a fogger. Make sure you don't use Haze fluid in this machine as it will cause damage.. Stick with Fog fluids.

Best regards,
Only other type of fluid I have used in an X-310 is American DJ Fog Fluid, and the stuff is pretty much the same as X-Fog (Same family of companies). X-Fog Pro will hang in the air longer then regular X-Fog will, and X-Fog Ice evaporates even faster then X-Fog.

Other then that, I always try to use the fluid from the manufacture just to be on the safe side. Don't feel like replacing heaters and pumps on fog machines costing as much as these machines do. A little extra cost is worth it in my opinion, and Elation already has great performance per dollar on all their other products.
I still dont agree with using only the manufacturers brand fluid. Good quality water based fluids are all the same. I would not go out and buy the halloween special at walmart and put it in my expensive machine, but anything that is tested and is clean will work fine.

The "haze" fluid I recommended from Froggys is not oil based, but it is water based and formulated for a "haze" type atmosphere.

Not saying other brands will or will not work, nor am I saying other brands can and can not cause problems. I am simply stating that paying a couple bucks (if that) extra a gallon for fluid is worth it to me. When (not if, but when) I do have a problem, I can say that I only used that manufacturer's and/or manufacturer's suggested fluid in my machines. Just one less thing the manufacturer can pin on me as something 'You did wrong'.

Disclaimer: The above are very general statements, not limited and/or necessarily relating to Elation and American DJ Family services and/or products. I have and work with many other manufacturers' gear, like High End, Martin, Jands, and ETC to name a few, all of which have their own set of quirks and/or problems possibly relating but again not necessarily limited to products and/or services.
As a manufacturer, I would agree... if time is an issue... you have an event this weekend and the local guy doesn't have our fog fluid, then try and get the next best thing.
But as Serra said, our or any service department will blame you if your machine gets ruined as a result of a fluid. Is it worth risking your warranty?
As a manufacturer, I don't know what's in other peoples fluids, so I can't say what effects it will have on our machine... So I must strongly request that you use only our recommended fluids.

My questions to EBAC.
Are you saying that Haze fluids and Fog fluids are the same?

Are you recommending Froggy's water base Haze fluid in an X-310.. considering the X-310 is a Fogger?

Trying to clear things up here.

Best regards,
right.. but the chauvet Hazer is a haze machine yes?

The X-310 is a fog machine.. I would never recommend anyone to use Haze fluid, wether oil base or water base in a Fog machine.

Does Froggy state that their water base Haze fluid can be used in a Fog Machine. If Froggy makes this statement, then I wouldn't see any problem using it in the X-310. But those are the things we need to make sure of before we tell a customer it can be done.
Nope, the Chauvet machine is a fog machine that they call a hazer, kind of like the X-310 is a "Fazer".

I'm sure you know this but in case you don't, a machine that heats up water based fluid and sprays it out like fog is a fog machine. If you add a fan to it and run it at low output, then you can call it a hazer but, its still a glorified fogger.

A true haze machine uses a compressor to fill the oil fluid with air and allow the particles to "float".

Froggy's water based haze formula is made for a fog machine.
EBAC.. Thanks for clearing that up.
I did not know that about the Chauvet machine
and I didn't know that about the Froggy Haze fluid.

So now the question lies with the Froggy liquid.

We have 3 compressor Haze machines by Antari
HZ300, HZ400 and HZ500. These are not Fog machines, and they use oil base haze fluid for the best results. A water base Haze fluid will not work as well.
We offer X-Haze Oil and X-Haze H20 specifically for compressor Hazers.
And we don't recommend these fluids in Fog machines for any reason.

Would the Water base Haze formula be recommended for our Haze machines, considering they call it haze fluid?

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