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I am totally inexperiened setting up lights. We have been using the Stage Setter 8 controller for the last year for, really, nothing more than a dimmer. Now we are trying to upgrade the lighting and need some help setting it up properly. Here is what we are wanting to do...

1. Run 8 Par 56 cans as FOH lights, each on their own channel (We have two DP-415 Dimmers).
2. Run 4 Chauvet Color Wash Junior lights grouped together) as a back wash on the wall behind the stage.
3. Run an additional 4 Chauvet Color Wash Junior lights (grouped together) as back lights on the stage.

We are completely lost as to how to set this up with the DMX 512 protocal... how do we assign the right channel on the Stage Setter 8 to the right DMX channel on the lighting fixture? How would we group the PAR lights to channels 1-8 on the controller and the Color Washes to 9-12 & 10-14 respectively? Thanks for your help with a totally noob question!
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Ok... after reading through the forum (which is awesome) last night for a couple of hours I think I figured it out...

1. Set the first DP-415 to read channel 1
2. Set the second DP-415 to start reading at channel 5
3. Set the first group (Back wash) of Color Wash light to read channel 9 (Master/Slave mode)
4. Set the second group (Back lights) of Color Wash lights to read channel 13 (Also Master/Slave mode)

Is this right? Am I even close?
Sorry, I tried to get back to you sooner but they have had the login disabled most of the day working on the site.

Anyway, it sounds like you have it right. I dont know the dmx specifics for the lights you have, but if they are 4 channels then you did it right.

Justin Massengill
Technical Director
New Life Deliverance Ministries

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