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I have 12 par 64 led lights, 4 trackspots, 3 martin 518's, and 16 par 64 cans. I need to find the best system for hooking them up? I am using a universal controller, and an old nsi 6128 at the moment. I just bought the led lights and was going to use the dmx operator for those but then I will have three controlling devices......any ideas.
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12 par 64, 4 trackspots and 3 martins, puts you at 19 intelligent fixtures and 16 conventional fixtures.
It sounds as if you buy the operator, you can get away with using the operator and nsi 6128 and not use the universal controller.

Or if you want to go with one board, you will need the SHOWDESIGNER 3.

If that to big, you may want to consider Compu 1024EC.

Not many consoles offer controll of 16 par cans with moving lights.
hello, i would apretiate any help from you guys. i have 12 colorsplahjr by chauvet, 8 par cans, and 4 fusion scans. i'm currently tempted to buy the Elation DMX operator Pro, seems it can do all the work, but i'm also looking at a sotware option, easy stand alone by nicolaudie with its cheapest version.... cant really aford any of the other suits. which of those two would you recommend?

Thanks, is-REAL
I think you hit it on the nail with DMX operator pro.
I believe this will easily do what you want.

Software is ok also, but the easystand alone will not allow you to run your color mixing LED's and have the par cans stay on at the same time unless you program that into the scene.

Easy stand alone will probably be easier to get started on. its pretty simple.

Best regards,

now, as far as lightning..i've got not very much experience. i'm trying to light up a stage which is 30ftx20ft. my setup will be, 8 par cans on the back, 2 scanners on the back each one on the sides, 3 colorplash jrs on each side of the front towards the band an the other 2 scanners in te front facin each other, so they'll cover the band and the audience...

what do you think? will this give me a nice coverage, im specially concern with the coverage of the LEDs.. don't know if theyll do the job... any thoughts?
Red Face .. looks like i'm up for a good show. the problem will be hanging the light, since the ceiling is 60 ft Razzer .. and cant really count on a truss that high. Nevertheless, my main concern is if the LEDs will do the job, but as it showed in the video ( by the way thanks for the time spent) seems that they'll do just fine.

i was thinkin on hanging 4 LEDS on the front corners of the stage, using regular 'trees', the rest on the back, aiming at the drums, and guitar and bass players... hanged by a 15ft truss. thats the only one i have. it seems, that i'm on the right track. by the way, did you used 3d easy view to do those images?

Thanks jingles.. really appriciate all the help Wink
yes i did! also those weren't all ur exact fixtures. i had to sub out the scanners cause the profile for the scanners u have does not give me a good real representation. it would be fime if u oen the lights just for visualzation purposes i used vision scans 575's lol. and the leds were elation design 36 leds. no profile for the jr's yet. but if u e-mail in the dmx values chart they will make one for ya. what u think? time spent total on all that a lil over an hour. and those were just quick looks put together. like isaid i love compuware! lol. post pics of the real thing when ya can. jingles. i think u will be ok if u have enough lumes in the leds. if not u will start to lose the "umph" in bightness of those things.
uhm.. now im tempted on an upgrade, and changing to Razzer. the real show is on january, so i still have time to get a good grip in all of this, and possibly get more fixtures. in that case, i'll either have a better show... or a lot of well, thanks for all, and i'll still be around, cheking other posts... theres till much to learn for this 'young dog'

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