I have just completed installing a new light rig with 9 dp-dmx-20L and 2 DP-415s. The control console is a Fat Frog board from Zero88. I just finished addressing everything, plugging it into the board and setting the DMX channels in the board. Unfortunately, not a single light comes on. Are these dimmers compatable with a Fat Frog board? Also, are the DP-415s compatible in line with the DP-DMX-20Ls?
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Of course they are! Its all DMX it doesn't matter if there is two different dimmer packs or any of the dmx consoles out there will all be able to control anything dmx WHEN USED PROPERLY.

I don't mean to be harsh, but how much do you know about your console? The fat frog is a pretty high end console, you need a lot to happen for just one slider to control one light, its very complicated. Have you checked the patch? are you in one scene mode or two? what about the universe settings, master, profiles...theres an endless list of things.

Hi Steve,
Homeboy is right on, it should all work good, but as Homeboy put it, you need to get the patching and set up done.
Thank you. Found the issue. I was attempting to address the DP415s as one channel each rather than 4 like the DP-DMX-20Ls are capable of. Once I fixed that issue and found a cabling issue everyhing started working. I appreciate the reassurances!

Just some additional background on me. I was unsure about this as this is the first time I have ever had to do an install rather than just walk in turn on a board, plug in DMX lines and begin programming. It has been two years since I last used the Fat Frog. Recently I have been programming with a Hog II and permanent install ETC Sensor dimmers.

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