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well the fixture grouping feature hasn't quite been perfected yet but it does work. I would much rather use switches. In fact the fixture grouping function I won't use. Tell me whattype of programming your trimg to do and I'll see if I can't come up with a different way to help you. Sorry about the delay in response. I guess I didn't see this thread.
Hey E*dub,
If I am following you right, it sounds like you want all of your LED pars setup to control all lights with color, strobe etc? To me it sounds like you just need to create a new page in compulive, and specify how many fixtures, and your start DMX address. Once the page is created, it will automatically control all lights at the same time on that page. You would then have to go to the “fixtures” tab on that page, and select the lights you would want to put into groups so that you can control them separately. This sounds like it is just a basic function for Compulive. I have 48 LED fixtures, and I have grouped them into 6 groups with 8 lights in each group, this way if I only want to control one bar I just select "live" on the fixture page, and then whatever group I want to control. Hope this helps.
First off, as if you don't hear it enough, I'm new to the software and just moderately familiar with DMX and programming lights.

Jingles, I have two 6 channel dimmer packs that I would like to group fixtures together. Do I just need to change where they are plugged into the dimmer pack and make it easy? Also, I have 8 LED PAR 64's and I would like to group them all together as well as other different groupings.

I have 4 Intimidators and colorado 3's that I would like to groups in various ways.

Misebeam, after I group the fixtures on the fixture tab where do I control the group?

I really appreciate all of the help!

E*dub if you have two dimmer packs i assume you are hooking par cans up to the dimmer pack and not the LED dmx lights correct? never plug a DMX light into a dimmer pack it will ruin the fixture. you can group any of your fixtures together as a group and are able to control them individually or as a group by creating a new group. to control them i believe you select the fixtures/group you want to control and then go to the fixtures pages and use the functions there. As i have said before the fixture grouping function can be quite confusing and is not a perfected feature of the software. let me know if this helps in any way. Sincerely,
Once you group those fixtures from the fixture tab you select the fixtures you want to control in the group and then select the color gobo position etc from the fixture page. once you have your look set hit the new scene button and make it as you see now.
i believe this is how you do it i am not sure i havent used this feature for awhile. anbd also this is not a perfected feature in the software it is a bit of a challenge to do and some times doesnt work all that great.
Yeah. That's how you do it. It actually works quite well once you get used to it a little bit. Very hard to understand at first.

Basically, you want to create a switch that does a basic function (example: change a color in RGBMix).

When you click the switch it sets all of the fixtures in that page to that color.

However, you can now go to the fixtures tab and select your group. Choose "LIVE" mode and then click the switch. Only the fixtures in that group will change color.

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