Im new to Lighting and DMX so please bear with me here.

I recently bought 4 ADJ Mega Pixels, (and some other lights) and the Elation Magic 260

I cant seem to find a profile for the mega pixel on the board and I downloaded the ADJ profiles from the Elation site and there werent there either.

am I missing them?
How do I program them?

I have them both set up right now.
They are 28 channel lights, but I can only set up 16 chan lights (as I understand it) on the Magic.

so I can only control part of the first light.

then I tried to set up the second light (same way as 16) it continued to control parts of the first light then as I went on it started on the other mega pixel, before I ran out of channels.

it would not let me continue in this manner.

is there any help, a walk through or something you guys would recommend?
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ill see if i can get some one to send you the profiles for those lights for the magic 260, BUT you have to run the lights in a shorter channel mode operation. the magic 260 can only handle fixtures 16 dmx channels or less.
Welcome to the forums.
thank you!

so any ideas which would be a better mode to run it in?

someone suggested 7 chans in another forum.

also do you know of any good primers I could read or a walkthrough for DMX programming, id appreciate it.

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