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We've got the Stagesetter 8 and would like to run it with a Behringer FCB1010, but we can't figure out (even using manuals for both of them) how to get them to "talk" to each other. We have 8 scenes programmed into the SS8 and would like to access them using the FCB1010. Please reply with step-by-step instructions if you have any.
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Make sure that both the Stage Setter 8 and the MIDI foot controller are on the same MIDI channel. Keep in mind that the MIDI indicator on the Stage Setter 8 will light up even though both devices are on different MIDI channels. Once the proper MIDI channels have been assigned, the Stage Setter 8 will respond to basic note on/note off commands.

Here's how to assign the MIDI channel and the table used to send the proper notes. (This is posted on the manual).

MIDI Settings:
To change adjust the MIDI settings:
1. Be sure main power is off.
2. With main power off hold down Bump Buttons 1-4. With
Bump Button 1-4 held down, turn main power on. Once main
power is on the current MIDI Receive channel will be displayed in
the LCD.
3. Tap Bump Button 8 to change the MIDI Receive channel. The
MIDI receive channels can range from channels 1-16.
4. Tap the Blackout Button to exit MIDI Setting mode.

MIDI Implementation:
This console receives MIDI program changes according the following
22-37 Turn on or off channels 1-16
38-45 Turn on or off Bump Button 1-8
46-57 Turn on or off Pattern 1-12
58 Mode
59 Full On
60 Blackout

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