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I have to purchase some dimmers and have been studying the various types, brands and sizes. I have several rows of lighting, each 600w in our church. I have found 2 units that say they would work yet they are over $100 different. That would be $600 increase and if I dont' have to spend that, i could put it else where.

I am looking at the ELATION DP-DMX20L
and it says taht it will handle 600w per channel and has 4 channels. My concern is that I will alway be maxing this unti out at 2400w. Will it really handle that type load or do I need to spend more and give the system some wiggle room?
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This is in a chruch and I will be running all the house lights this way as well as any concert or theatre type lighting up front on the stage. There are 12 rows of house lights, each 600w per row. I want to be able to dim them individually so they will stay broken into the same sets they are now, just putting a dimmer in the line. I also have 4 can lights for the stage that are 1000w each.

I looked at the Elation DP-DMX20L last night at the store and I was surprised that right on the front it says it will handle 20A or 2400w but not to do that for an extended amount of time. So, I think I found my answer. I will have to find something that will handle a bigger load (probably 1000w) to be safe and not be tripping breakers all the time.


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