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I guess this is more of an idea than a request. I know that there is support through the rigger remote for iphone and such, but is there any way we could get better support on the ipad? I just bought one and would really like to make the large touch screen a useable tool. The internet based riggers remote is often slow depending on the internet connection. Maybe Elation/cuelux could design an ipad app that allowed more than just playbacks ie programing cues, controlling fixtures without cues.
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At this point, I am in the process of working out a deal with the maker of Emulation where he would give me an extra Emucable for my work. It took me over two months to get my interface to fully work. Getting faders to move was very simple, some other things not so much. . . Hopefully we will make a deal and everyone can use this interface (or at least have the files to tweak it to their own likings)
Stuff like smart phones and these touch pads are becoming rapidly accepted by almost all aspects of this industry, especially lighting and sound. It's in the best interest of many vendors to try to support some sort of interface and platform allowing mobile device support to help out. Us small guys benefit because we can work solo. The big guys, it just gives them more options.

seeing as elation will probably never get us iPad Support: I recently found a remote desktop app that actually works with emulation. its called splashtop, and you can get it in the app store for around 2 dollars. put emulation into full screen and your ipad becomes a touchscreen monitor for emulation. a little laggy here and there but I think it's the best we're gonna get
Well, if you guys really want iPad support right now, you can always go and drop 32k on a GrandMA 2 Ultra Lite, which is a worthless console by the way. You really need the GrandMA 2 Lite which retails for 57k to get an ergonomic, easy to use desk. At that point, why not go full tilt and get the GrandMA 2 Full-size for 79k. Heck, the Hog 3 line doesn't even have a remote focus app and/or program and that came out in 2002/2003.

It never ceases to amaze me that the people on the bottom always want more more more. But when you tell them how much it will be, their jaws tend to hit the floor. You are not going to get things that happen on consoles that cost more then cars right away on things that cost pennies in comparison. The scale to cover fixed costs alone isn't there. Nature of the beast. Like jingles said, be patient or use the other option, pony up.
Hello All,

James (jingles) hooked me up with a link to the generic midi map for Emulation which has been invaluable for controlling it successfully on the iPad with touchOSC. Check the threads about Ableton Live and Max/MSP for that link.

James, the aforementioned midi map doesn't have control changes for speed and attack on the playback buttons. Is it possible to get those added to the mapping?

Many thanks,

Chris Brague

P.S. Jarrell, the poster immediately above me, gave me all the tools I needed to get my iPad interface happening. Definitely check out his site.

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