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I know that a spot can do more effects with gobos and prisms but considering that wash fixture are generally brighter and they do CMY mixing it makes it difficult to choose. I really like the look of the above youtube video as the lights change color down the line. I am guessing I am looking at Mac 300's by what is listed in the youtube video. Are there any tricks other than the rainbow effect that I am not seeing with the washes? Some friends have recommended that I don't get washes because they say you can get close with prism, iris, focus and frost control. I'm just wondering that if you applied all those effects would it be less bright than a wash in the first place. Looking for advice, pics, videos and anything that will help me with my future purchase. Thanks!
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Yes, a wash will be about from 40 brighter than a spot.
You have a lot more light being projected along a bigger beam of light.
However, that's all a wash fixture does.. color change.. but the beam of light it projects is impressive.
Most rigs require a 1 to 1 ratio where you have 1 wash to every spot. So if you have 8 Spots you should also have 8 washes.

But with the Frost filter of the Design Spot's it helps resolve not having to buy so many washes. Still the wash effect of a design spot cuts down a lot more light from the fixture. up to 20% of the light.. So when you compare a spot in wash mode or a wash.. the Wash will blow it away..

Now comes the CMY... We just released the Design Spot 300E.
Its a Design Spot 250Pro with CMY color mixing! This fixture will give you the color changing effect you see on the video PLUS!! gobos, prisms, Iris and wash! You can use the IRIS out of focus plus the CMY efffect to generate what you see in the video. and not lose out on gobos!

Best regards,
Is the "rainbow effect" that is listed on the elation site for the design wash 250 the same smooth color changing that I see in the video? Or is the color change in the video a carefully programmed chase?

The design 300 looks great! However I don't think I can pull the trigger on a fixture that is that much more. It's a bit out of my range at this point as I see it lists for $2k more than the Design Spot 250. At the end of the day I would like to have more beams of light I think than just a couple of bright lights.
I would look into the DS 250 Wash for that effect on the cheap. It is the cheapest CMY moving head out I believe. The CMY might not be that punchy on dark colors do to the 250w lamp however. If you are really set on that effect, and it is a great effect, I would look into the washes. Remember, washes can be used for other things too. Stuff like fading in between colors for stage washes smoothly vs color scrolling which you would need twice as many fixtures to do without being seen scrolling is a big plus.

Just remember this too, CMY, while great, isn't very efficient on how is goes about creating color. Quite a bit of light is lost vs using a gel or dichroic to get the color you want. This is why you generally see it in higher powered lights only.
Originally posted by Elation_Pro:
Nope.. its not the same.. you need CMY and you need a controller that has an offset feature.
This is found in Compu Like Jingles said, and aslo SD3.

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Can't find the section of the Compu Live manual that shows how to use "offset" feature. I also thought there was a youtube video for this but can't find it either. Anyone that can point me to some informative articles or videos on offset programming I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
The video is great. I didn't even know there was an fx editor. Looks like I should be able to do a alot with that. Of course I still have questions...

1. Once you create your effect, why do you go to easy time to save the scene? What is easy time?

I am sure a lot of this would make sense if I had a few movers and could experiment and see what is going on.
Originally posted by bdunard:

I am recreating your youtube video and I am curious how when you touch one fader it effects all the lights (i.e. when you open the dimmer it opens all the dimmers on all the lights) When I do it it only opens one light. Is there something that you did to link them?

Nevermind I tried holding Shift and that did it.
Ok, last question before I go to bed. Since I don't have any moving head fixtures just yet it was hard to justify buying the software. However, I threw up some of DLED 36's and I can do some great effects with these that are not possible on my show designer 1. Ok tell me how to accomplish this in the real world.

1. I want to create a dimmer chase for Design LED 36's that I can save and then overlay on any of my other static DLED 36 scenes.

i.e. Say I have 3 scenes programmed for my DLED's.
Scene 1 all red
Scene 2 all blue
Scene 3 all green

When I am playing live I press a midi foot controller to recall the different scenes on my show designer 1. On the show designer if I only adjust the dimmer channel to strobe then it only saves that channel data. So I only adjust the dimmer channel so it will strobe. I then save it as scene 4. So now if I select scene 1 all my DLED's turn red, if I then hit scene 4 all the DLED's stay red and strobe. I would call Scene 4 an overlay but I don't know if that is the correct term.

That all being said how would I create a dimmer chase for DLEDs and then save as scene that would overlay another scene?


btw, how is the midi going? Hopefully soon I will be able to tell you how it integrates with external controller.
ok since you want to make this effect on the software here is what you do. on your dled36 page create your scenes like you had specified and then make a "switch" it is the middle button on the top of the page in between scene and cycle. ok once you have your switch edit window up. (click on the switch and then go to buttons and then select edit) open the effects generator and on the dimmer channel make a sinus wave using efx gen. and if you had wanted to you can make all the other channels "off" leaving just the dimer channel linked to easy time after you create your effect. by doing this it will take any scene u created and apply the sinus wave to the dimmers in that scene regardless of color. make sense? if not ill be more than happy to post up some screen shots as a step by step. sincerely,
I tried what you said but had some problems.

I created a scene with all my DLED 36's in red.

Then I opened the switch page and selected empty and link to easy step and click the ok+edit button. I then opened the FX generator and applied a dimmer effect. (All the while I am doing this I have 6 DLEDs with red beams showing in my 3D viz). So after I click on the dimmer chase I notice that it is not showing it in the 3D viz...I must be doing something wrong.

btw, I ordered the software today. Largely based on the customer support that I have received from you. Not being a lighting expert and this being my first software application in the lighting realm I can say your help and punctuality has been unrivaled. A special "thank you" to you!
OH No problem! its what i do. lol. ya you missed a step there. if you made a effect using just the dimmers and had all the other channels linked to easy step they will take over the channels in the scene you are overriding with your switch. so try it again this time do not link to easy step like i did in the video. this is something different. leave all the channels "OFF" adn then go into the efx gen then create just the dimmer sine wave, then save it close the switch, hit ur scene button with the red and then hit the switch u made and ill bet you it does a red sine wave! try it. oh BTW what version did you order? sincerely,
umm you can turn on a color to see if that is what u want to but make sure you turn it off before saving other wise that color will be in the switch too. scene page list? i dont think so. master page perhaps but if you have numerous pages you will either have to save EVERYTHING to the master page or scroll you fixture pages.congratulation's on your purchase.
Question regarding the best way to organize scenes.

I will have 20 or so scenes.

I will have 20 or so switches that I can press at any given time to give my scenes a different look with gobos, prisms, dimmer fx editor chases, cmy fx editor chases, etc....

I see that when I save a scene it puts a button that set of fixtures.

If I make a scene that use three pages (say design wash 250, dled 36, and generic dimmer) where should I save that button for that scene. It shouldn't just go on the design wash page. Shouldn't there be a master page of scenes that one can quickly refrence the scenes that they have programmed and quickly view by selecting that scene? This would also be a great place to right+click on the scene and change the midi note address.

As you can tell I am struggling a bit to see how the hierarchy of scenes are located and recalled in Compu.
there is a master page. you cna make all the scenes u want spread out throughout all the fixture pages. then select them all or turn them all on and then go to the master page click on the red tab where it says "master" and then go to the top of the page and click on your new scene button and a RED box will open up and this is for the master page. click as you see now check box and then hit save. let me know if you run into any other problems. ill be away from my desk for the rest of the day but i can respond via emails. sincerely,
I am tring to create a rainbow effect using the effect editor for my design wash 250's. However, when I open the switch window I can't move any of the faders like I can when following the steps in your window. Should you be able to move the faders in the switch window. I need to be able to do that so I can open the shutters and see what the effect is doing. Thanks!

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