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Good Day,

After getting the units up and running, I need further explanation on how to do a few more things things.

The 5R has an option to switch the lamp on and off via the control board. I will set this option on the light, but I cannot find what channel controls this in the manual and where I can do this on the Pro. Any ideas?

My goal is to use the 5R as supplemental lighting for our movable stage when the pars are not hitting the complete stage. If there is a dark spot, just put some light in it with the 5R.

Thanks in advance
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That is the problem of having an American DJ Vizi Spot 5R and an Elation DMX Operator Pro. Felt I needed to ask on the appropriate forum.

I am going over the manual multiple times and I agree with what you say. Since you have clarified the lamp position phrase I now know that Lamp position is not the same as fixture position.

I am hoping to program several scenes that will move lights to sections of the stage or where the stage may be. Then when needed select it. Just wondered if the spot feature could help.

I have much to learn about how to do all this and appreciate all the help this forum has to offer.
however please note that simply turning off the LAMP via DMX is not the proper way to achieve a Blackout. That is what the shutter channel is for. You really only need to turn the lamps off when the fixtures will not be used for a extended period of time like over an hour. Also constantly turning the lamp on and then off will effect the lamp life.
Thanks for the link. I did look it over and it covers the basics. Now know more than I did yesterday.

I figured the light could be used as such, just wondered if the "spot Light" mode, mentioned on the other forum, would eliminate some switches, kind of simplifying it for the people who will be using it, but now I know it does not.

The recording the position is a simple way to get started and mill work well for one light. For two, I am thinking that a scene would point both at the correct place at the same time, either at a predetermined brightness or with the dimmer off and I could just bring up the dimmer. Funny thing about the Pro, the Dimmer uses the same slider as the tilt. If you go to set the dimmer, then change the channel bank to adjust the tilt, guess what, the tilt slider is set where the dimmer was left. As soon as you touch it, the head moves from where it is, to where the slider was set, back to where you just moved it. So I will try using an empty fixture to zero the dimmer before I change the tilt.

As far as turning the lamp off, there will be hours that we will not be using the fixtures and I will need to turn the lamps off to reduct usage time.

Now that I realize most people probably read both forums, I will settle on one for most things.
It's not really a button. If you are using the fixture in 11 channel mode, the value for turning the Lamp on is channel 11 value 44-59. Likewise to turn the lamp off is channel 11 value 60-79. but this should be built into the profile on your magic. Should be at the end of the list for the fixtures functions. It will probably say Func or something similar and as you tuen the dial it should say lamp on or off. However selecting lamp on or off the lamp won't respond instantly you will have to leave that function on for about 5 seconds. The reason for the delay is in the case of accidental using the values. it waits to make sure the values active are intended. Get what I mean?
Nuts, I don't have the magic, I have the Operator Pro. I may have posted in the wrong forum, saw DMX operators and thought it also included operator pro.

But I did find what you are talking about, though I swear there is new information each time I look at the manual. I now see the lamp on command under the last channel, in my case 13.

Thanks for your patience. I do have trouble seeing things that are right in front of me sometimes.
oh no this is the right forum. lol I saw magic 260 first and assumed it was for that. It's forthe Op PRO. got it. but ya channel l13 has the commands for lamp on and off and even color split enable etc.
But ya put channel 13 in the Color change to any position value and then move the fader for the color wheel and you will get fine control of that. Also for color and gobo to any position this is usefull if you want the gobo channel to slowly fade from one gobo to the next without snapping. It's sort of a old school look. But check it out.
Here is what I found out about the light off.

I set on fixture to lamp on and one to lamp off. That appears to mean that when I start up the lights, one will have the lamp on and the other the lamp off. Upon setting the numbers you shared and in the back of the manual, both light went off after 15 second, and came on, in a minute or two. The problem is that it seems that I need to reset the shutter and dimmer when I turn the lamp off, but I need to check this out.

Thanks, now to a new post with a new problem.

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