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Hey smart lighting people, so I am trying to use led pars for some backlight, and i really hate the way they look. They totally need diffusion, and I don't know what kind to use. I checked rosco's site, and their strongest is #111, but I was wanting to check with others to see what they have done for diffusion on LEDs.

Thanks a lot.
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Hey Drew, what exactly are you trying to do with the diffusion? Are you looking to not see individual RGB LEDs or looking to help with color shadow?

I can snap a few shots for you of some DLED 36s with and without filters, and also so Opti 30 RGBs in the same situation. Color shadow wise, diffusion can help a ton. As far as not seeing individual LEDs, it won't help as that much. You would have to try and move the diffusion farther away from to light to eliminate that.
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Yea, I was looking for fixing color shadow stuff, but mostly the separation of the leds. I helped a friend with a show and he had 8 Martin Stagebars, and they come with a clear and a super thick diffusion that you can swap out. The diffusion was more of a thick piece of plastic than a diffusion, but it looked amazing. I was looking for something like that i guess. I would love to see pix of the before and after with diffusion, Serra. That would be awesome.

So you are looking for something very thick like an Octo Strip covering then. Diffusion won't help much. Getting it away from the LEDs more will help eliminate individual LEDs though.

As for color shadows:

This is 2 DLED 36s 44" away from the wall, 28" apart from each other. The speaker stands are 15" away from the wall and 2" in diameter. The DLED on the left has the stock diffusion filter in it, the one on the right does not. As you can see, without the diffusion, the DLED increases in brightness by about 20-25% The draw back is a smaller away washed, and it gets color halos faster. This is also all channels full.

The top picture is the DLED with diffusion, the middle is the DLED without, and the bottom is a DLED 36 with double stock diffusion filters. Its hard to tell, but the color shadows are clearly greatest without diffusion, then lessen with each layer of diffusion added. However, the intensity of the light drops rapidly with each layer of diffusion added. So it becomes a trade off, brighter light, more shadow, smaller beam. Bigger beam, less shadow, less light. Less shadow, less light.

These pictures repeat the same pattern above, but they only have the red and green channels full, no blue.

Best option to get rid of color shadows, get some of Elation's Tri-Color LED fixtures. No color shadows at all. For seeing LEDs, make it so the audience can't see then is the best option, followed by diffusion away from the LEDs, and lastly heavy diffusion.

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