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With LED washers being used more and more for pointing directly at the crowd, why don't companies consider using RGB LED's rather then individual R, G, B's. The ONLY fixture that comes close to representing true colors to the eye are the pixel lines, because they use the smaller 5mm leds as opposed to huge 1w or the 10mm. Is there a reason behind why there aren't any fixtures like this on the market? Programming problem? LED screens use the RGB LED's.. It just makes sense to make a bar with them as well. Just a thought...
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If I had to guess, I would say it's a cost issue.

I'm going from some R,G,B LED wash fixtures to brighter tri-LED RGB fixtures, mainly for the brightness of the fixtures I am looking at(Opti Tri Pars to replace my ADJ 64 LED Pros, which will be used to replace yet a different fixture).

For me, the costs are reasonable. I'm not really into shooting wash lights into the crowd though.

I think as more people become more light savvy, it will help steer this. I'm a sound engineer, forced to do lights. I've learned a lot, got a lot to learn still, but want to remain focussed on sound.
You are looking for Tri-LED fixtures. They join together R, G, and B LEDs in a cluster behind one lens. Looking at the lenses, it looks like one, solid color.

With regards to screens, they use separate LEDs as well. They are just smaller and really close together. Get too close to them and they become pixalated or look at them close up while they are off.

With regrads to why companies use a small number of larger LEDs vs large number of smaller LEDs, the fixtures would simply be too large for output. For example, an ELED Tri 64 puts out a lot more light then an 64 LED Pro despite having a slightly larger surface area to work with, 107.5 square inches vs 81 square inches roughly. 107.5 square inches of 10mm LEDs wouldn't be as bright as 54w of LEDs.
Good to know, the tri led fixtures you guys have though look more like the led mega bar pro, where its just about 20 led "dots". I'm looking for something like a wall washer like the led mega bar but with rgb leds. Since I have you talking fixtures, are you guys looking into oled stuff? I think it fascinating the things you can accomplish with it
I don't mean to be rude but have you ever seen our Tri led stuff in action in person? If not I'll gladly post a video once i get my two tri bricks in.

Also keep in mind this section of the forums is a thread dedicated towards elation fixtures. Sounds like you are knocking them. I'll agree OLED stuff looks good but i would def. give it about 5 or 10 more years till they are in lighting fixtures.
no I'm saying no company makes one like I described and was wondering why. And yes I've seen the tri-led stuff, the design 60 is really neat but I can never find it for rent anywhere Frowner

But still looking for something along the lines of basically a washer like the mega bar but with RGB leds rather then the individual R, G, B
This is something odd, but I'll post it anways.

I recently acquired 4 ADJ Mega Bar 50's, and 4 Mega Panels. The Mega Bars still provide a somewhat "round" beam, at least in distance. Close up they definately wash wide. I had a bit of a time focusing these at a recent event. The Mega Panels, despite being rectangular, do provide a relatively round "beam". Yes, I know these are wash fixtures, but when you end up with a soft circle on the surface, it's rather strange to me.

I know, the LED's are round, but they aren't organized in a circle.

Regardless, I like these fixtures a lot. I also like my ADJ 64 LED Pro's a lot too, but for the application, they aren't cutting through as well, so that's why I'm looking at the Opti Tri Par. Regardless of how they do it, it is a lot brighter and that's what I need.

Back to the Mega Panels, Mega Bar 50's and the 64 LED Pros, these all use R,G,B individual LED's. NO you don't get dots all over the place, but within a certain distance, the RGB don't "mesh" as well and sort of isn't nice and coherent. Further out, the wash blends nicely into a single color. This is just the nature of using individual LED's per color.

So, even though the Mega Panel Pro's offer big "dots", they won't project as dots, they'll project, more or less, as one single beam. Knowing that though, I still am a bit angry I had to turn down a killer offer on a pair of these fixtures recently due to my truck needing repair.

The Mega Panels and Mega Bar 50's are ideal wall wash fixtures, just give them a bit of space to throw(say, a couple of feet is enough), and I'd say any other bar or panel type fixtures would be the same.

The Opti Tri Par, even if it uses individual LED's behind a lens or filter, seems to get the job done that I need, which is to not just replace the 8 64 LED Pros I have, but to function along the lines of a 1000-watt conventional Par64. I was under the impression the Opti Tri Par used single RGB LED's in each location. Doesn't really matter, that's most likely how I'm going to be going.

I think as the future rolls on, the costs for these RGB LED's will drop to the point where they become feasible for inclusion in many more products that more of us can afford. Right now, more of the Elation products, compared to ADJ, offer this tri-color LED option. But, since it's Elation, they are going with stuff that is flicker free, which is not only better for the eyes, but also better for the cameras and video. We're paying the premium for this though.

I'm going through a growth spurt in regards to lighting knowledge. In the last year, I've learned a tremendous amount, more than I really wanted to learn. It's helped steer a significant amount in purchases. But this journey really started maybe a bit over 2 years ago when I started moving into LED fixtures and moving to MyDMX. Just, the past year, it's become more of an issue. I'm unfortunately past the point where retail people can help me and I have to rely on people actually using the stuff to help me now. It's frustrating because I can't just walk into a place and get what I need or want anymore. On the other hand, I've also made certain alliances and work only with specific dealers, or rather one specific lighting vendor. Basically, I'm dependent on this guy to get me what I need, which is either Elation or ADJ and he carries both.

For me, I am using my bar type fixtures to help fill in the less bright 64 LED Pros for the time being, used as a footlight-type application. I also have plenty of events that want a wall-wash type effect, which the bar lights are definately well suited for.

My only hesitation for me with going with Elation bar-type fixtures is the price compared with what I need them for. Good stuff, like it a lot, but for me, overpriced.

I do like the fact that with my entire rig going almost all LED(while trying to go all LED), my power consumption has dwindled from 60 amps or more to just under 15 amps total draw. Granted, the newer Elation cans I'll be getting are higher draw, but higher output as well, and those numbers are factoredinto what I just provided.

Now, if they could only make an LED spotlight with DMX functionality...... Oh well, not yet. I'll just look at single LED spot movers to replace my existing ones. Yes, color wheel and gobo wheels. Both ADJ and Elation make some!

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