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I am comletely new to lighting...

I purchased an elation DMX operator pro, with 2 ADJ acuspot 250II, 8 par cans, and 2 dp-dmx20L.

I hooked a few things together so i could get the hang of it. From the dmx console to 1 250II, to the next 250II, then to the dimmer pack witch for now is connecting 2 par cans. i set the first address of the first 250II as A001, and the second 250II as A017, and then the dimmer pack as A129.

I would like to know if it's possible to breakup the dimmer packs channels onto different faders. so on the dimmer pack, i would like fader 129 bbring up channel 1 lights, and then 130 bring up channel 2 lights, and so on... 1 is that possible, and 2 how would i do it?

Also is there a way to have 1 of the 250II mirror the other 250II. so i would place 1 250II in front of the runway(to the left), and the other 250II in front of the runway (to the right){[ i was planing on usin this equipment for a fashionshow]}

How would i go about this(FYI: the gig is on friday, dec 28,) and i still have no clue about this stuff
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Welcome to the forums! For the dimmer packs, whatever address you set it to (129 for your example) tells you all the address for each light. light one will be 129 and light 2 will be 130, 4 - 131, 5 - 132. so just use the faders (channels 129 - 132) to turn on the par cans. Make Sense?

For the ADJ Accu Spot 250 II's, I'm not entirely sure how to do what your thinking but what I would suggest is to set some scenes and just recall your scenes. Set the first light to the left of the runway and the second light to the right and save that as a scene. then just recall the scene during the show.

Hope this helps!!!


P.S. you may not get very many replies until everyone gets back in the office!
jpal welcome! and merry christmas. you could also try setting the light in the right on reverse pan and tilt. it should be either a feature on the op pro or you can do it on the lights in the system menu aswell. and the par cans was pretty well explained by jthtiger so i will leave it at that. if there is anything you dont understand or need further explaining let us know. peace! sincerely,
I assigned the dimmer pack to A129 as stated in the manual. then i set the dimmer pack to work for only 2 channels. then i plugged in a par can light to channel 1 and another par can light into channel 2. as you said, the console should make the channel 2 light work on the next fader which is 130.

but that's not whats happening.

Fader 129 is turning on both of the lights, and fader 130 doesn't do anything. I know the next thing u guys might say is check what outlet im plugging the par can lights into. i tripple checked each time, and i am plugging par1 into chan1 and par2 into chan2.

can you guys make any sense of this...

Also, I tried the reverse pan and tilt on one of the acu spots and that works great, plus i set a scene for what i needed it to focus on.

I still cant figure out how to localize where the acu spots focuses it lights, meaning if i am doing a stage program, how to get the lights to only play around on the ceiling, or only on the stage, or to go to the audience, and back and forth.

Thanks for the help.

Congrats on getting you accu spots working. now for the dimmer pack. This particular pack has 3 modes (as you already know) 1 channel, 2 channel, and 4 channel. Here is how they work:

1 Channel
This setting allows all the lights plugged into the pack to be turned on/off using one channel. Meaning that if you set your pack to 1 channel mode and the address is at A129, when you turn on that fader all the lights will come on.

2 Channel
This setting allows the four channels to be turned on using only 2 DMX channels. So basically, if you have this setting on, you have a 2 channel dimmer pack with 4 edison sockets on each channel. Keeping with you situation if you turn on channel 129 then channels 1 and 2 on your pack will turn on. if you turn on DMX channel 130 then channels 3 and 4 will turn on. So if you want to use this setting plug your other light into the channel 3 spot.

4 Channel
This setting acts like a regular dimmer pack. I would recommend you use this setting no matter how many lights are plugged in. If you turn on DMX Channel 129 then channel 1 will turn on. 130 will turn on channel 2, 131 - channel 3, and 132 - 4.

I hope this helps you!


yes your DMX partner will work with 2 american dj 250 spots but it will be limited to what you can do with it. good luck!

I hope this helps you!

wheew, long post!

I'm going to try the 4channel mode when i get to the studio...

Also Jingles or jthtiger, do u knw how to localize where the acu spots focuses it lights, meaning if i am doing a stage program, how to get the lights to only play around on the ceiling, or only on the stage, or to go to the audience, and back and forth. or is this not possible.

And back to Par cans, how can i get to chase mode with the console. I was looking for this but i couldnt find it. I wanted to be able to record a chase sequences, but i cant get to the individualized switches that control the individual lights either.

Sorry for the long posts guys, its just my boss threw me into doing lighting for a semi big show, and i just received all the equipment, and the show is this friday, and ive been spending the past few days and night trying to figure out how to use the equipment. So far with your help, i'm getting somewhere...

I appreciate all the help you guys are giving me.
hey estrello! you know the DMX programmer is a nice little tabletop controller and it holds a total of 96 scenes and u can then mix those scenes up into 4 chases as you see fit. i actually recommend the DMX operator 192 but i think for a small set up like yours try for the programmer. you can do a little bit more with the programmer than u can with the op. i would say e-mail me your info and we can send you out some instructional DVDs and then you can see for yourself which one looks easier to use and then go buy it. lol. e-mail me your address here
Hi Jpal,
That's what the guys were trying to explain to you.
Your controller does not have pre generated movements.
The feature you are asking about is only found in the Showdesigner series controllers and Compu live software.

In your situation you will need to record multiple scenes.
for example, if you want a circle on the wall or cieling. you need to position the light in one spot..then record that position into a scene, you then follow the same process till you have made about 4 - 8 position scenes following a circular pattern.

After all 8 scenes are recorded, you can now combine them together in a chase..You need to do a lot of these... these are the joys of programming.

Best regards,
ohh, ok thanks, i thought they were speaking of the par can. now has the acuspots 250II's had any problems b4 of overheating or just shutting off the power, bcause i used it for 1 program, and it shut off after a little while meaning the lamp shut off, and then it went to stationary position. Has there been any other complaints or worries like this.

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