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So came in after not using the system for a few days and now my lights have gone crazy like they are all getting different signals.
I have a feeling the dongle could be causing the problem as the lights operate fine in demo modes and the software seems to be fine but the lights seem to be getting crazy signals.
How do I know if a dongle has gone bad?
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Also, verify that the DMX channels are on the lights themselves havent changed. Some times after a power down, you loose the channel and/or mode...this could cause your issue as well
You can also try a DMX termination after the last light in your rig. This would eleminate any back feed of DMX data
To be honest, i have never experienced a storm being able to effect a light. However, high power lines next to the DMX data lines can cause issues. So, its not impossible, i just have never seen it. If you want, you can call in to the service department and get them checked out 323.213.4593

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