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OK, I'm working on an event that is a shadowcast for Repo: The Genetic Opera. No comment. I'm going to leave it at "this is a job" and enough said.

Stage area is 31-feet wide and 18 feet deep(usable). Stage is 4 feet high. in front of this is an open area, approximately 50 feet wide at it's widest area and I think 16-20 feet deep. I know they stuff a wrestling ring in there but am not sure if it's a 16, 18 or 20-footer. Pleae don't ask me why I know this much about wrestling rings, OK? Long story.

The stage has been covered to what the producers and directors have deemed acceptable. I am using per side 8 ADJ 64 LED Pros and 2 Chauvet Intimidator Color 1.0's on T-stands, which are off the stage and blocking the outter three chairs on both sides of the front row's outter sections. On stage corners are my speaker stacks(KV2 Audio ES 2.5 with an ES 1.0 top), and on top of each stage is a Chauvet Q-Spot 150.

I currently have in inventory a pair of ADJ Color Fusions, which I am going to use for this show. I also have 2 Chauvet follow-spots, which are to be used but where and how is unclear at the moment. I also have in inventory 32 Par38's with 150-watt bulbs, medium beam and are gel'ed Red, Green, Blue, Yellow(8 in each color). They are mounted 8 to a T-Bar and run by an ADJ DP-DMX20L. Each T-Bar is divided into a left and right bank, but 1 dimmer pack(so yes, I'm using 2 lights per bank). Each bank is aiming at a different zone. So, I can do 4 of these on T-bars.

I want/need to phase out the Par38's because I don't think they'll have suitable coverage and insufficient throw AND are pigs for power, and I won't have enough circuits to ensure proper power for lighting.

I've been looking at the ADJ Punch Pro and Mega Panel, but those just seem to be wash lights. The Mega Pixel seems like a cool fixture with loads of goodies, but like the Mega Panel and Punch Pro, I have concerns over throw and coverage.

I am using MyDMX for control and I am fully capable of creating my own profiles as necessary.

My only restrictions are that I am sticking with either Elation or ADJ products and I want to go LED due to power issues. The other issue is budgetting, since I am spending out of my own pocket. I'm considering 4 units of whatever I go with, and my budget is going to exceed $1000, but that's my working number.

I will re-deploy the Color Fusions as front fills for the stage area in a ground mounted position. I can use the Q-Spot 150's to help provide additional fill using an open gobo and the color wheel as necessary. Again, my 2 spots are unclear how they are being deployed, even the producer and director are unclear. I want to use them from the back corners as manned spots, but I control dimming and color via DMX.

I also have to figure out how to get a ground fog unit and a hazing machine, but that's for another discussion and additional budget.

A dealer has already been selected, I just need to bang ideas around. Purchase timeline may be as soon as 12-15 days out, event is December 12th. I don't have any great photos of the venue, but it is The Colonial Theatre in Sacramento, California. You can look it up, they have a few photos to let you see the venue. Nothing spectacular. Movie house with a stage(gee, like we've never seen one of those before) and being used for many live-type events.

I'll be checking in from time to time. I was told to post here to get ideas for Elation products. I'm still open to ADJ products and have been leaning towards the Mega Pixel due to features and other applications I see useful for this fixture, as well as pricing.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to your suggestions. I'll evaluate everything!

Please be kind. I am only an audio engineer. Feel free to cruise my site and check photos to see what sort of stuff I get myself into. I'm working on photos for my last event, which was at this theater.
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Hi Chris, you mention this.. "and my budget is going to exceed $1000, but that's my working number."

did you mean "is not" going to exceed?

this is an important question due to the price points.. I can recomend a few of the Elation fixtures that would give you great coverage.

Even a fixture i'm fading out called the TP84a, Great punch light with good coverage.. but all these fixtures are over $500.00 each.

So that being the case ADJ fixtures seems like the way to go. I've heard of many people pleased with the mega series fixtures.

all have great output, but tight beams.

If i would recomend an Elation fixture I would recommend either 4 OPTI TRI PARS which are a very great LED wash fixture.
or DLED 60 STRIP II which offer a ton a light and effects.

Best regards,
No, I typed it right. The working number for the budget is $1000, and let's face it, this stuff goes over budget all the time. I have to work with some sort of number, then make adjustments up and down from there as necessary.

I already know with tax and shipping, that budget will easily soar to $1200.

Due to time, I'm not going to investigate the fixtures you mentioned NOW, but after my video shoot this afternoon, I'm going to revisit this thread and look closer.

Right now I have to have the event director stop waffling on some issues. It is now appearing I've been wasting everyone's time... but who knows. I'm going to get something anyways, either sooner or later, so if this director can't benefit from it, I will later.

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