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Not even opened the box of our new Magic 260 yet but I have started setting up the light personality using the Magic 260 software.
This is our first venture into DMX Smiler

Ok - we started out ordering a 15 Channel light but ended up taking a 22 channel light Roll Eyes

So, what I'm thinking is - two fixtures for each light - 16 and 6 channels. Simply use Fixt 2 to control channels 17 to 22.

Messy, but it should work, shouldn't it ?

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Hi John and welcome to the forums.

Yes, that will work. I have done it myself a few times on the Magic 260. Just make sure your patch falls in line. For example, if the light is addressed channel 1, on the console the 6 channel fixture should be patched at channel 17. If it is addressed at channel 11, fixture two on the console should be patched at channel 27, etc etc.
Ah Ha - found out about the channel priority shuffling that the 260 will do - interesting that it doesn't appear to be in the manual......

Now - just one problem to resolve -

The Pan Fine and Tilt Fine are actually channels 17 and 18 on the light (coarse are ch1 and ch2).

Can't get the joystick to work on the fine settings. 16 channel config on the fixture would leave us without fine control which might be a bit too quick and jumpy if we tried using the joystick for follow spot functionality.

That's an interesting profile. I have never heard of the fine channels being that far away from the course. They are always directly after the course because a lot of other light boards actually combine the course and fine into a signal channel.

The joy stick won't work unless you have a profile and I believe the channels for pan and tilt need to be next to each other. Why not just setup the profile so that it only uses the course channels and then you can select the second fixture when ever you need to fine adjust?

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