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I am using Magic 260 U-link software Version 1.20 And a Magic 260 Version 1.07M.

I am creating profiles for my fixtures including some Chauvet and X Laser fixtures. I had to make some of my own "Channel Name"s. When I make a new "Channel Name" I get a notice on screen that says:
"Channel Name does not exist, Do you wish to add it?"
I click Yes and all is well.
However, once I load the profiles into the Magic 260, any control channel I made my own name for, says nothing above the wheel... Only the steps and step names show up in the lower row. The upper row where it should say, for example "Pan 1" for an Intimidator Spot XYZ says nothing... it's blank. This makes any Channel Name I make up on my own pointless. Any ideas?
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Hey Sergio. Thanks for the tip! I actually already did that, but for some reason the channel names didn't show up in the controller... However, this morning I re-uploaded my fixture library into the Magic 260 and for whatever reason, the channel names show up now! Weird... But problem solved! From now on, if the new channel names don't show up, I'll just try re-uploading and hopefully that will be the fix! Thanks again!
Just to be clear, just reloading the fixture file WON'T update the profile the light is using! You have select fixtures, change to a different light, select it and answer YES and then do it again but this time select the original fixture you started with. It seems the Magic 260 loads a new fixture file but until you assign it, you are still using the OLD profile values (assuming the fixture name is identical from the old and new profile). I'm sure this tripped up a few folks but seems logical if you think about it. If not, uploading a bad fixture file or one with the same named fixture but different values could really screw up a working configuration, it seems forcing you to re-load it (by selecting a different fixture and then re-selecting the original) is desired and expected behavior...


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