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I am having an issue with a Magic 260 controller. Whenever I use a personality with 16b movement in it, the light/s will pan at a certain time with no commands given. This has happened to me with Power Spot 575s, Power Spot 575 IEs, and Vision 250s. When I set the personality to 16 channel generic, there are no issues. I can also change the Visions to 8b mode and they are fine then. The problem only happens with personalities that are 16b movement. Any thoughts?
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Surpized? Ha, auto correct will probably start to fail after 20+ hours of the light being outside. The auto correct sensor will start to fail with even the slightest-bit of humminity. It will be a tease too, if you pull the lights inside overnight, auto correct might start to work for awhile and as soon as you put them back up outside... failure. Always leave auto correct off. Good Call GFuller.

Hey guys, when you talk about auto correct, are you reffering to position correction? the feature that brings the light back to original position? If so let me know, I've never heard of such an issue from being used outside or with a specific lighting console.
Doesn't make sense to me.
From serra's original post if it works fine with a 16 channel generic and not with the profile, I will point to the profile for the problem.

let me know
Don't know how much field experiance you have had with elation lights but yes, we are referring to position correction. The little sensor that elation uses for all of its position correction... moving heads position correction, gobo homing, color homing, proton color wheel from high humitity. Most elation users that are 5 or less miles from the ocean will be extremely effected. Especailly if there is no outdoor housing for the light. The salty air will destroy the sensor before the pcb is affected. I have found a more solid suplier for these sensors that hold up better to our ocean climate. I did find that Vari mag and uv sensors fit well in the elation lights and hold up through everything, but over priced, and require some *technical skill*.

However, Lopez, this really isn't to big of a problem because Gongzhau chinese designers were smart enough to allow users to turn the "feature" off.

This could be a possible solution to the Magic 250 user too.

How's the color on your nose jingles? Sigh...
There was no intended insult to the position or intelligence of Elation Professional, John J Lopez. Just responding to his lack of acknologement to a rather obvious issue to users in beach cities.

Mike Fraiser and I explored this issue back in the day and now I resolved with a different provider for some required replacements and turned off features like "position correction" when i could. Thats is all.

Happy Holidays.

Believe it or not working with tons of customers from Miami beach, NC, Ny, Salsburry MD, Los Angeles, Huntington beach, hermosa beach, newport beach, santa monica, i've never heard of such an issue? this would be news to me.
I've even talked with a technical director from seaworld Orlando and she didn't even mention a sensor issue. She mentioned a PC board issue. That humitity eats away at the pc board cuasing electronics to fail.. so I would imagine all the boards would be ruined and not only the sensors.

Either way this is good to know. I will pass this info to the rest of team. Thanks ColorPal. Also, we apreciate your feed back on the forums! The more knowledgable people the better.

But in Serra's post regarding the Magic 260, I don't see where he mentioned he was using them outdoors near the beach? so I wouldn't think that's the issue.

Also I noticed Serra stopped posting, so he must have found his issue.

Best regards,
Nah, I just haven't had a chance to take out the PS 575s with the Magic 260 recently. I have been using a Hog 1000 or IPC instead.

Only take the Magic with them when I have a request to do the PS 575s in a large club. Or I have to do something very simple, like a repeating program loop all night long.

When I do take them out again with the Magic 260, I will do as gfuller said and turn off auto correction to see if it solves my problem. If so, I will post again saying so. If not, I will post again saying it didn't fix my problem and what else can it be.

Thanks all.
I thought I made that clear in my first post that the issue is with the Magic, not the lights themselves. It could be that the auto correct and the Magic don't get along, who knows.

I just know that general channel personalites work fine, or I have to off-set the channel count by 2 so the lights don't pan randomly with the Power Spot personalites. The lights themslves have no issues.

My guy tested out the profiles with our fixtures, and everything worked just as good as if they were using 16 channels.

What we found is that the profiles also work fine, and he informed me that he believes its a bad joy stick.
The joystick could be sending bad commands that cause the lights to react. When your on 16 channel mode the joy stick is not active.. so it works perfect.

When you use the profile, Joy stick is engaged and you have issues.

If you just bought it you should be able to exchange it, but if you've had it for a bit you may have to send it in for warranty service.

Best regards,

John Lopez

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