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I have been trying to set up fixture profiles for the Futurelight PHS-700 and PHW-700 to be able to use the magic-board in full.

No way. The editing app does not accept the order of the channels I set up. It keeps squeezing the Pan-Fine channel on position 2, whatever I do. Thus, the Heads simply don't react at all. THIS SUCKS. The PHS and PHW have 17 Channels, but I won't use the Pan Fine and Tilt Fine at all, so I want to simply skip those. In the listing everything looks fine, until I push the data on the Magic 260, which works fine, but - surprise: "Pan fine" is back out of nowhere. Plus later on: "Format Error" without having changed anything. Brains anybody?
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The Magic 260 will only run a maximum of 16 channels per fixture. Do these lights have the capability of running in a different mode with less channels?

As for the "format error", make sure that you do not use any channel names more than once (for example, if you have more than one color wheel, name one as color 1 and the next as color 2). Also check all your steps and make sure that you are not overlapping any channel values.

Hope this helps
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Surge ProTech:

thx for the quick reaction. It shouldn't be a prob to run the heads with only 15 channels, it works with the 16 channel preset smoothly. The App does not put them in the right order, that's the problem. When I change the setup of a fixture and load it up again, I get two different sets with the same name, that also shouldn't be the case. Weird. I assume, I will have to erase everything an to try again and again. At some point - I have no clue why - the proper order of channels appears. The EditChName- Form still baffles me. What's the use anyway if I can't edit that?

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