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Ref. my Deluxe show if you still have it saved.

On my Master page I have a Switch called "025 Spot 1". When activated, one of the front PAR cans turns on AND one of the rear DS250's turns white and moves to a certain position on the stage. This is correct. Leaving the "025 Spot 1" switch active, if you click the "11 Red" Scene in the Design Spot 250 Page, the front PAR can remains unchanged (correct), but the color and gobo on the rear DS250 changes (incorrect); position remains unchanged (correct).

The problem is I want everything about that one DS250 to remain unchanged while "025 Spot 1" and any Design Spot 250 scenes are active. Is there any way to achieve this?

I have tried all of the options in the Priority section of the Switch settings, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

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See, that's just it...I WANT the MASTER page to take full control. In this case it seems the fixture page takes control of only the color and gobo.

I mainly use the MASTER page to control LED Par cans. I only have one Fixture page and I use it to control the Design Spots. In this case, I'm using a switch in the MASTER page to control LED Par cans as well as one Design Spot, so it seems like the MASTER page switch would take priority over a Fixture page scene.

I can't make the Fixture page scene a switch b/c I use the Fixture page to exclusively control the Design Spots. If they were all switches, I would have to turn off one as I'm turning on another in the Fixture page...very cumbersome.


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