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Thanks Jingles,

The setting under Starting Parameters only offers the option to read in MTC (which I have activated - and it works).

I recorded what's going on so you can see it a little more clearly - it's hard to describe... As you can see, the time rolls forward but then spontaneously jumps backward and forward at some points (you can see this within the Cycle).

My bass player (Mike) left a message for you with Tech Support at Compu Live- we'd love to just chat with you and hopefully figure this out... thanks!
The more you use MTC the more you will notice its a b***h to work with. You should try using midi notes to trigger certain switches, and or use the "MIDI" tab when creating a button and assign a midi note to a dmx value. But assigning midi notes to trigger buttons is a lot easier. But from my experience i'd stay away from just using the MTC and rather use midi notes to trigger things.
Just thought i'd share with you my setup. I've got ableton live running and have midi going out, then loop my midi out cable to go into my midi in, then create clips in ableton that play certain midi notes that I assign to compu live button. So if Im doing a club, my lights are always sync'd up with the music by adjusting the tempo in ableton. Then I have my g1 sending wireless midi to my ableton, so I trigger everything on the go!

Here is a pic of my current setup:

Id like to build a case that has 3 monitors and all my controllers in one so I never have to carry like 20 things around.
Yea ill show you some thing to get started, ill shoot a video of my setup and how its used, midi is fairly simple, the only thing that gets confusing is when you start using midi translators n such to create your own little personal setup, but even then, its just a matter of connecting the dots. The 2 softwares work great together, but there is also plenty room for improvemnt. once the lights I ordered come in and Im able to play with this setup on my own time I will have plenty more room to expeirement, but for now my setup works perfect for me, having the ability to trigger a scene or a group of buttons from my phone really makes my life 100x easier. The best about the setup is if your doing lighting for a band, or lighting for a club, you can ALWAYS be on time, weather your live or pre-programmed. I just programmed an entire show in ableton for a band, and they were able to just press "play" in ableton and the lights when to the exact beat of their entire show, and If I wanted to change up a part, or re-arrange the show, it was a matter of drag and drop. It will all make sense once I make a vid, anyone know of a good free hi-res desktop capture software?
mu0p, that's a brilliant setup! Very close to what my band is trying to do. Here's what we have currently:

Macbook running audio & video in Logic
Another video running on a PC laptop, synced using Chain Gang
Lighting laptop with lighting sequence synced using MTC

It would have been perfect except for the jitter from MTC. I like your suggestion of the MIDI triggers and I'm going to try that out next. I also am considering using Compu Live to send the MTC to the other machines, instead of having Logic be the master.

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