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So Midicon has been released for almost a year now, and is advertised to work with Compu software on the website.

However, there is no midi map for the unit, or anyway to currently use it with the software as claimed.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this working with my CompuLive before I return the unit?
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Hey Jingles

Thanks for the phone call, really thought we might get somewhere after it, but only have more bad news to report:

1. Why is program still opening as Sunlite Suite? I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times with June download, saved and then opened, and it never opens as Elation Compu like it used to.

2. Went into starting parameters to check midi settings as asked. Clicked reset midi. Waited...waited, whole laptop locked up! Ctrl.alt.delete did nothing, had to hard power restart.

3. After full reboot, tried in starting parameters using the midi test. Nothing happens after window opens. Hit different keys on midicon, nothing. Hit ok button to close window, and it closes. Push anything on starting parameters after closing test midi, whole controller locks up. Tried hitting ok or cancel to get rid of starting parameters, but nothing ever happens. If I unplug the midicon, controller jumps back to life like nothing was ever wrong.

Now, restarted the controller yet again. Open midi test, hit a bunch of buttons on the midicon. Still see nothing in the window, but unplug the midicon from laptop before hitting ok. Then pops into the midi test window all the commands and values for the buttons I just hit. If I do not unplug the midicon, nothing show up in test window, if I do unplug it, then it shows up. This make 0 sense to me. If I then plug midicon back in to test again, it does not work unless I restart the whole program with unit plugged in before starting.

4. Shift right click on button to add midi control as instructed. Click option, says waiting for midi command, so I hit buttons on midicon, but window stays open as no command was send.

5. With midicon plugged in, controller runs at snail pace. Sometimes it wont do anything at all, but as soon as I unplug midicon, controller jumps right into whatever I asked it to do with no delay.

So, I am looking forward to other ideas I can try. Or is this midicon defective?

Also when we were talking you mentioned the encoder wheels wont work. Is that something that will be fixed, or something I am stuck with using the program you guys said it would work on? Major reason I bought the midicon was the thought it would actually work with this software, and it had encoder wheels. I could have bought an off brand units for 1/4 of the price if all I wanted was some push buttons and faders. When could I expect you guys to have a working midi map for this unit?

Like I have said before, why was this released so long ago, and yet there is nothing supporting it's use?
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