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Hi all,

I hope somebody can help me out on this one....
I have a midicon pro and only used it for a couple of times programming my showfile.

When i had a gig the midicon worked fine at first but the right section of the controller suddenly didn't react on my input anymore. When I looked down i saw that the right buton section was without light and also the page indicator was off.

So first I thought ok, lets give it a hard reset and it will be fine. But this was not the case and the controller finally stopped working altogether. When i reboot the midicon pro i see the right section lits up for a short moment and also the page indicator shows the firmware version and then after 1 sec this right section goes off.

So the controller went in the cupboard for a couple of weeks because i didnt have time to check what is gooing on.

Today i put it on my dest and to my suprise it worked flawless when i put the powerplug in and switched it on.
I connected it with emulation pro and everything seemed to be ok.
Still not convinced it was gooing to stay like this i decided to give it some time and see if tonight it would still function.

After a couple of hours i checked the machine to find the same problem as described above.
When i now took the power out and switched back on again it went on for a second showing firmware and the right side went off again.

I took out the power and opened the machine up to check if something inside looked funny, but it looks great and clean so i decided to put the power back on with the machine open to see if i can mesure things.
To my supprise the machine acted normal again and is working fine since (30mis approx).

Is there someone encoutering the same issue and has found the cause?

It is a really great piece of equipment, if it works correctly and I would really like to use it again.

I hope someone can tell me what to do.


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