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You do not need a MIDICon Profile for the MIDICon to work.

Open the console window by clicking the button on the top bar.

Right Click the Header of the Console Window.

Select "Behringer_BCF2000_big_10presets".

Click on one of the Preset 3-10 Tabs at the bottom of the window.

These handles should be unmapped.

Right Click on any of them and move a fader/knob/button and it will be mapped to where you can use it on your switches, scenes, and page settings.

(: This works for all MIDI Controllers Smiler

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There you go. I'm sure you know how to add this to the software correct? I do not think you will be able to add the wheels but you guys like to surprise me so. lol. BTW instead of the page numbers. there are 16 tabs one for each page and both sections of the midi con that can be paged are paged together. so page 2 is page 2 for both sections. I will post a update on the midi con for compu live users once I can confirm details and method for updating.
The wheels are sending MIDI notes for up and down clicks, so they appear as up and down buttons to most software programs. On the lastest software update for the MIDIcon I just added continuous controller messages to the wheels so that they will look like rotary pots to programs that don't support encoder wheels. This latest software update also addresses some low level USB functions so it requires reprogramming the MIDIcon CPU chip. If anyone wants to try just adding the wheel update to their units, I can probably make a software update that can be done at home over USB.

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