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My easyshow has been screwing up worse and worse lately. I realize now that as i've been adding songs to the setlist and programming more lighting its been screwing up more. would that make sense? instead of adding songs to the end of the set, should i just make completely new files to open up different songs? it would be a nuisance to handle during a show, but it would be better than having the damn thing stopping, and skipping, which is what its doing now.

o and jing happy belated!
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i first had 5 songs in a row. about a month ago i added a 6th song to the end with scant errors every now and again. just recently i added a 7th song and now i'm noticing the crazy amounts of problems. again, it would be ideal for me to have everything in one file, because most of the songs interlude right into the next song... but i think to save myself the headache of problems that come along with it, im just gonna start programming single songs.. ugh!!
cool video jing, i really like those fixtures a lot what are they?

for another problem to deal with..hehe... the other night during our set we triggered the fire alarms (lousy fog machine!!)... there must have been a power surge or loss of power or something, but my easyshow went nuts. it gave me a serious technical error message when i shut it down, now i cant get back in... it asks if i want to connect to sunlight to get a fix so i gotta get my lappy on the internet to do that. being that i dont have time to wait (show on thursday) i think im just gonna reinstall the software.. that should fix it anyway right?

i wonder why a power outage would screw up the software... my lappy immediately switches to battery power when the power goes out on the surge protector, and the compupro runs off the usb. ?? why would it get F*d?
I'm not exactly sure but remember the lights are plugged into the power and dmx is going through each one and dmx goes into the dongle which is hooked up to the computer running the software and there is also communication between dongle and software. Whew kinda long huh? Haha! And the lights are the new ADJ accu spot pro's. And I love em. Try doing what the software wants you to do over the net first. Cause if simply reinstalling doesn't work then what?? Sincerely,

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