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I have what may be a dumb question here, but I'm new to lighting so please go easy on me. I recently purchased an Elation Chase Bar - 4 channel DMX Bar:

Elation Chase Bar

and cannot figure out how to mount it to my light stand.

On the bottom center of the Chase Bar is a steel pin approximately 3-inches long with an outside diameter of 1-1/8 inches. (This is similar to a pin on the bottom of the Elation Pro Bar 4.)

The marketing literature says it can be mounted on an LTS-3 stand, but the listing for the LTS-3 stand on the American DJ website looks like it is discontinued. I have also tried searching the Internet for retailers that might have an LTS-3 stand for sale with no luck. I do have an Odyssey light stand very similar to the American DJ LTS-2, but after taking the T-bar off, the upper vertical pole has a plastic cap on it and even if I were to remove the cap, the inside diameter of the tube is much larger than the 1.125-inches of the mounting pin on the Chase Bar and there is no way to clamp it in place if I could. The LTS-3 stand must have a different type of termination on its upper vertical pole.

Is there any type of adapter available to allow the Chase Bar to be mounted on a standard light stand having a vertical pole with an outside diameter of 1-3/8-inches (1.375)? I’m thinking there must be some sort of plastic collar clamp or adapter that would allow me to secure the Chase Bar to the top of my stand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry Jingles. I saw the Pro Bar 4 questions in the general forum and thought that was the correct spot. Plus, my question is really about mounting the Chase Bar to a stand and not actually about the Chase Bar itself.

Hobson, I saw the LTS-10 in the picture, but it looks like they pulled the top pole/vertical section off and stuck the pin on the Chase Bar down in the plastic clamp. I may consider that route, but I'll lose the height that the extra pole/vertical provides.

I was really hoping someone who has a Chase Bar or a Pro Bar 4 would chime in and describe how they managed to get their bars up on the pole.

Thanks Everyone!
Dr, no worries this section was recently just created on our forums, so I am just trying to let everyone know and make sure all related post go to their proper section. No harm no foul. I apologize I have never used the chase bar, however if you do not get a sufficient answer please don't hesitate to call our toll free number and ask our tech support for help. We always have someone on hand to help out and we are glad to help out.

I apologize for the violation. Won't happen again.

Your problem is nothing a little gaffer's tape wouldn't fix quite nicely. [. . . or what the heck, since it won't be seen, you could use duct tape] With the correct number of wraps the Chase Bar mount will fit perfectly within your existing stand.

You could probably make it snug enough to avoid spinning without a clamp. If you think you need a clamp, you could use an ADJ O-Clamp [] that fits the size of your pole. It could work in either of the following ways:

- After you've wrapped the mount with tape to fit inside your pole, rip off from your roll of tape another strip of tape about 3/8" wide. Add this strip on top of the tape already on the mount near where the mount meets the rest of the Chase Bar. Keep wrapping until the diameter of this layer of tape is equal to, or a little greater than, the outside diameter of your pole. This extra wrap will prevent 3/8" of the mount to disappear into the pole. Apply the clamp so that it clamps on both the pole and the tape.

- Use a hack saw to cut two slots vertically down the pole. Keep cutting until the slots are slightly longer than the clamp is wide. Stick the tape wrapped mount into the pole and add the clamp - which will squeeze the slots together, thereby gripping the tape wrapped mount. [You may have to add one layer of tape to the outside of the pole if the clamp will not go smaller than the O.D. of your pole.]

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