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I currently have ONYX and an NX Wing to control 7 LED lights.  We are upgrading a second set of lights to DMX and are considering options.

We have a need for two operators so we'd like two control surfaces.

Can I somehow chain a NX Touch to a NX Wing ? 

I know I could easily control all lights from one ONYX station but....  due to training and volunteers we want a second control station.

Ideas from the gurus of DMX please.

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Hi, if you plug in a NX-touch to the same computer running the Wing, you'll see that they are duplicates of each other as much as their hardware layout lets them be.
you can even tell the NX-touch to not be the master control device and put it on its own "ID" and you'll essentially have two separate control surfaces, BUT the screen will ONLY show info for ONE of these, so whichever is not on ID 0 I believe you will not see the bank info like cues and stuff, you'll have to do it by memory.
Hope this makes sense.

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