IM in a tight spot and have a customer requesitng i be able to use my delxescan 250 (x4) for moving spot light.. i bought a Elation DMX partner along with the set pre programmed for the Deluxscan. THe controler works for changing scenes. black out and basic strobe feature. that is the extent im able to use it for. Im running a laptop with windows vista and a rs232 serial to USB adaptor . I have the serial adaptor set on com2 and the baud rate set on 38400. The controller shows send when i press send 168168.. and the software shows waiting to receive. i dont know what to do .. HELP

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Hi Sparky,

This is not possible with the dmx partner.
Its the simplest controller made and in order to be able to spot light, you will need to upgrade to an actuall dmx controller.

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