Hello All,

I really need any expert advice, so please chime in no matter how remote the solution might seem.

I'm a relatively newbie and am caring for a SS48 in our youth group sanctuary. We have 4 dimmer packs (for conventional lights) and multiple ColorKey LED Par 64 cans.

To give you some reference. This is a our setup:
Channels Controls
1-4 Set of 6 LED PAR cans (Channel 1)
5-8 DimPak: 8 conventional cans (2/Ch)
9-12 DimPak: 8 conventional cans (2/Ch)
13-16 DimPak: 8 conventional cans (2/Ch)
17-20 Set of 11 LED PAR cans (Channel 17)
21-24 Set of 12 LED PAR cans (Channel 21)
25-28 Set of 6 LED PAR cans (Channel 25)
29-32 DimPak: 4 conventional lights (1/Ch)

Another volunteer accidentally changed the mode on this unit from receive to chase. In an attempt to correct it, they accidentally changed the address assigned to the dimmer pack (A:0029/CH:4). I have since corrected this, but our scene setter seems to be not operating properly. I'm hoping it's a configuration.

The SS48 is not in record mode and I can enter and exit record mode. For reference, I have cleared all programming using the 1423 code per the manual.

This is what I do:
I place the unit Master A and B to their respective maximums. I set the MODE SELECT to 1-48 Single.

The following lights are lit:
Page 1
1-48 Single (mode)
Single chase (this or the mix light has always been on in the past as well)
5 Min (speed)

All individual channel sliders are set high. Which should completely light up all lights in a solid state. With individual dimmer control for conventional and usual RGB and mode for the LED PAR cans.

What I observe:
With all channels high, all lights seem to be strobing in no particular order. If I drop the Master A slider somewhere between 6-7 I can stabilize most the lights, but they are significantly dimmer and PAR cans on CH 21-24 still blink occassionally.

Interestingly, if I drop all 1-48 sliders low with Master A/B at their highs. Then slide up an individual set of channels (either by PAR CAN set or dimmer pack), that particular set will stay lit and solid. However, the moment I add in another channel it begins to flicker.

I've been pulling my hair out on this for about a month and could use any help.

Thank you
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Another service down this weekend with very dim lights in the house. Are there any SS48 users that can help identify why it appears the unit is operating in chase when I have it in Single Mode with Master A and Master B at their respective highs?

Do you think our SS48 has gone out? Or is this one of those "ah-ha" you just need to do "this"...

I need any help and direction I can get at this point.

Hi Markus and welcome to the forums.

I am a little confused. Did the person change a setting on a dimmer pack or the console itself? The only thing I can really think of at the moment is breaking down the system and starting again from scratch. Of course, I am falling over as I type this so my brain isn't working at peak right now so forgive me.

Try this, take one dimmer pack down, plug it directly into the console right next to it, start with channel 1 and change the address on the pack and see what happens. If the console is repeating the behavior, its in the console if the pack is set right. If not, there is something else wrong.

Thanks for the response. What happened was the dimmer pack addressed on Channel 29 was changed from RECEIVE mode to CHASE. I'm sure some other button pushing took place, but immediately all of the lights attached to our controller started strobing/chasing. I revisited every piece of equipment and verified the addressing. Fortunately, we had documentation as well that matched, so I reset the address on the DP and set the correct channel.

I have narrowed it down to the SS48, but I want to confirm that there isn't some configuration on the SS that I'm missing.

Any ideas?

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