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I was making some new chases then all the LEDs turned on and the DMX Operator stopped responding. I turned everything off and disconnected the xlr cable from the DMX Operator before turning it back on.
All the LEDs turned on and it still doesn't respond when buttons are pushed or faders are moved.
I turned it off and reconnected the xlr cable. This time I turned the fixtures and the DMX Operator on. It appeared be just fine, but it didn't respond to anything. Then, after a few seconds all the LEDs turned on, still no response.

I know I'm going to have to call support about this during the week. I was just wondering if anyone may have some helpful input on what may be causing this.

ps - I think its out of the 2yr warranty, but I'm not too sure. I have to look for the reciept.
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Originally posted by Elation_Pro:
Sounds like you may have had a power surge that may have damaged your DMX driver chips.
It could be the lights only or the controller only or both.
Do you have another DMX controller to test?

I know nothing about circuitboards & parts but damaged DMX driver chips sounds really bad.

If it was the chips, how bad is it? Would I be better off sending it in to have it serviced or should I just buy a new controller?

I didn't even think of checking the lights themselves to make sure nothing had happened to them. I'll set the lights to auto/sound mode & see if they're ok.

Looks like I'll have to look into better surge protection and borrow a friends controller to make sure the DMX function in the fixtures were not damaged.

Thanks for the reply, John. I'll post an update when I have tested them w/ another controller.
Hi DJ,
Yes it could be bad. If the DMX driver chips are damaged, then they will still work sound active. Try using your friends board and a light also to see if both your lights and controllers work.
If it is DMX drivers, then you will have to send it in for service. No other way around it.

Elation makes this device. DMX Branch 4.
It is created to supress over voltage to the DMX signal. Once overvoltage goes through the line it takes everything out.

However most people don't sell this or recomend it on purchases.

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