Hi, Could I Please request the fixture file for the American DJ Revo III LED Fixture?

I'd like the 10 channel mode please...

The fixture pdf is here: http://americandj.com/pdffiles/revo-3.pdf

I can make a basic profile, but cannot figure out macro buttons, and proper sliders and such.

I figured there's be an .ssl out therer already, but searching here, daslight, and nicolaudie have turned up squat.

Thanks a million guys...I've spent lots of time with you on the phone over the years, but never knew you had a forum.
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Hey guys, any luck with the revoIII .ssl file?

I've made 2 files, and cannot get them to work in any mode other than sound active...

I'd like to be able to install this light tonight... I'll use sound mode if I have to, But I thought it would be cool to be able to have DMX control.

I noticed no one has responded to this ssl request...

does that mean It ain't happenin?

I appreciate any help I can get...

hey steve sorry i didn't see this post! Eeker ill get started on it tonight. and u should have it done by tomm morning. just keep checking ur mail. sincerely,
actually send me the profile of what you got and i can finish it for you. if u dont have one explain to me the channel layout cause the manual is kinda confusing.
my point exactly, American DJ's own light confuses them, and the elation guys....... how am I supposed to figure it out?

I guess I'm just as lost as you..

sergio at American DJ said he handed this off to you guys a couple days ago...

sorry I can't be of any help....
This is an easy one guys.

create a profile in the 4 ch mode.
ch. 1 = mode..
do you want to be in pattern mode or chase mode.
You can select this using ch1.
Ch. 2 = the pattern or chase your secting.
Ch. 3 = speed of either the pattern or chase.
you need to select this after you select a pattern or chase.
ch. 4 = dimmer.. if you don't have the dimmer on full then you wont see any pattern or chase.

The 10 Ch mode is confusing.. I put a call into the ADJ pros and waiting to here back.

Best regards,
it doesn't work at all...

the only button that works is sound active...

I don't need the 10 channel, apparently that's just for independant control of each cluster...
so forget that...

4 channel is the best way to run it anyway...

that being said, if I make a generic 4 channel fixture file in freestyler dmx, I can console it into doing what I want, but that's not the software I want to use...

Can't you guys walk next door, grab a revoIII and work out a file on a working unit?

I'm not an idiot... I just can't get this software to control the revo...

well, At least I feel a bit better knowing that you guys can't either...

Thanks for making the fixture file though.. I do appreciate the effort.


let me know what you find...
Wow then that is actually like the first bad fixture profile i created! Frowner lol. if you go into "edit" a scene and move the faders around do those do anything? also im in WI not l.a. so i can t go no where and grab one lol. let me know steve! peace!
If I go into edit, it does in fact move things around, but once again, it doesn't really control the light...

I only get three different patterns, and they don't chase or anything..

I mean there's some cool patterns in sound mode, but there's also some lame ones... it would be nice to have an actual fixture file for this light instead of half assing it through console..

the sliders on the fixture file do change the values in the output window, which would in a perfect world make the light work, but um.. the world isn't perfect..

what's happening between the console edit mode and the fixture file front end????


the saga continues..
yes it does! lol. im gonna wait and see what jon turns up on monday and then maybe we will have more answers for ya and possibly a better file for ya as well steve. thanks for your patience so far. sincerely,
No Biggie dude, I appreciate you trying... It's hard to build a fixture without a light...

I'm constantly making files for people for scanners and movers, but these new LED fixtures with no pan, no tilt, and no RGB color mixing screw me up... I mean, what channels do you use? The compuware software needs to have new channel types added for modes, chases, and internal programs...

Here's hoping That yall' can pull off a file for your software that works with your light...

That would be cool!


Good Job Guys...

I looked in the fixture... would never thought to have done it that way...

Thank you sooooo Much.

I knew you'd pull it off!

again, thanks a million!
ok but all i have is the 4 channel mode. i haven't tackled 10 ch. yet cause the traits for it are TOO confusing to me. waiting on elaboration from ADJ!
chck your mail soon!
Is there a place where I can download the file needed for the Revo III?

I just got mine yesterday and would love to use it for my gigs this Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

If not a place to download, could someone direct me to the proper method for obtaining it?

I downloaded the zip file from the location you provided. However, the Revo III is not listed.

Is there another file I should be looking for?
I did find a number of profiles supposedly for the Revo III here: http://www.nicolaudie.com/ssl.php. However, after adding a page to Compu Club for this fixure, I can't get it to respond to any of the commands. None.

I tried each of the ssl files found at the above address.

What could I be missing or doing wrong?
well im sure one of those was the one i submitted a while ago after making the revo III profile. are you saying the actual light doesnt do anything once you load up the profile or are you using just the 3D? Thanks Let me know.
It's the light itself. No LED's, no light, nothing.

I set the address to 100 (same thing I set the light address to).

While I have the dmx cable plugged into the light, it indicates a dmx signal is present and displays the '100' address in the display. But that's it.

Unplugging the dmx cable the unit will go into autoshow.

Any ideas?

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