we just got a cyberpak at my theater company and all the lights coming from the new pak are very dim and not 100% even though its at full on the board. we had to get a 5 to 3 pin adapter to connect it to the other pak. could this be a dmx issue? power? please help!
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It's hard to say without knowing more.

1: What are you running off the dimmer?
2: What else is on the circuit?

Chances are it is not a DMX issue or a pack configuration issue. I'm personally not aware of any dimmers that throttle output, especially since maximum draw through the channel is relative to what is drawing power as well as channel current capacity/fusing.

The adaptor has no bearing, it's a standard bit of gear.

Offer more information, please.
i have two altman 6 x 12 and a source four each in their own circuit. we're running light factory off a laptop for our board.
OK, an Altman 6X12 draws 750-watts each. 2 fixtures is 1500-watts.

Source Four draws 575 watts.

The Cyberpak claims 2400-watts total output, but that's conditional on 600-watts per channel maximum draw. There is an output limiter, but that's still not going to address your problem.

The problem is you need a higher capacity pack. The Cyberpack isn't going to be the right gear for your situation.

The DP-DMX20L is 10 amps/channel, 20-amps total draw. This might be more allong the lines of what may work better for you. The 6X12 pair draws 9.6 amps, and the Source Four still comes in under 15 amps total draw on the pack. It should work.
Source Fours can be 375, 550, 575, or 750w. 360Q's can be 575 or 750w.

Chris is correct however in that you need a higher power rated dimmer pack if running 750w lamps. Look towards the DP-640B. I have a bunch of them and love them. A lot of little extra features that I use quite a bit and are quite useful (dimming control on the pack, can patch each channel individually, instant on dip switches).
i went to elation and had them check it out and they said it was bad so they gave me a replacement. when i got back to the theater i had the same problem as before and finally adjusted the channel preset which on the led display looks almost identical to the dmx address and is right after it in the menu sequence. i had set the channel preset thinking it was the dmx address and there was my problem. i set it to 100 and problem solved. thanks for all your help even though it turned out to be user error. never been on any forum before for anything but this was great to see people so willing to help me out.
I did quick research on the fixture models to get my numbers. It's not surprising that Serra Ava informs me that these fixtures come in a variety of wattages. It doesn't surprise me, these are some decent fixtures.

I still think you need to ugprade to another dimmer pack. While you're getting 100% draw out of the dimmer pack, you're not delivering 100% to some of your fixtures(probably). If you're drawing more tahn 600-watts/channel, this is definately not the right fixture for you. Not delivering full draw to the fixtures you are talking about using should have little to no impact on bulb life, just diminished performance if it's something that is expected to be drawing more than 600 watts at it's 100% operation. Can't draw more than is available.

I also agree with Serra Ava's advise of moving to the DP-604B. I was a bit unclear about how much current it can handle, it appears to handle 40-amps of current via 2 20-amp circuits. I do not know if this is shared, balanced or distributed between all 6 channels though.

I was personally thinking the RMD series of dimmers might be the best option.

However, seeing as you were leaning towards a relatively compact hanging dimmer, the DP-DMX20L seemed the ideal solution, especially for the price.
The DP-640B is 20 amp per 3 channels. Channels 1-3 are leg 1 and 4-6 are leg 2. Now, the new packs on them say 5.3 amp per channel max while the old ones are 20 amp per channel max. Now, I have put more then 5.3 amp per channel on the new ones with my reasoning being that the old ones can handle it (why make something that can handle less?), the new ones are UL certified, and they have 15/20 amp outlets on them. You can't put a 20 amp outlet on something that can handle 5.3 amps at the max, only 20 amps or more. If that was the case, they wouldn't be able to get it certified.
we have a very small black box theater that only seats 35-40 max and none of the lights we run are more than 575 watts. so the cyberpak works perfect for our needs. if we ever move to a bigger space i now know where to go for some expert input. thanks again for all your help and advice
Well, then there ya go. If we had known in the first place that all you were drawing was a maximum of 575 watts, we'd have not led you down another possible path. Therefore, based on this new information, you're absolutely right, the CyberPak meets your needs pefectly.

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