i have the elation 1024 ec program and im getting ready to buy the

The Elation DP-415 is a versatile 4-channel dimmer pack

and use 4 par can 38 lights.

will i be able to control each light by its self with this dimmer pack ?
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Hi sonicdj01 and welcome to the forums.

You most certainly will be able to control each light indivually with Compu 1024 EC and an Elation DP-415 dimmer pack. Ask jingles, resident Compu guru, with any questions about how exactly to set this up.

Once again welcome to the forums.
Sonic you need instructions on how to properly set up pars on the compu live software? Please let me know. Look forward to helping out.
ok i am starting to use the elation dp -415 switch/ dimmer pack again but i cant remember what profile to use that jingles told me and it isnt on here can anyone please advice ? im using the compu live 1024 ec program

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