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I am brand new to DMX lighting. I am familiar with audio, but not with lighting.

My church as just purchased an Elation Scene Setter 24 and a single Chauvet Followspot 400g (we plan to expand).

I have them all cabled up and cannot seem to manually controll the light.

It is set for channels 1 and 2 (1 color, and 2 on\off\dimmer). I have masterA set to maximum. If I use the slider on either channel 1 or 2 there is no response.

If I hit the Flash buttons for the two channels I will get full intensity with UV (255).

However I cannot get the sliders to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Thank you SerraAva...

Bear with me here... I don't know that I am sure what mode I am in.

I power up the spot, power up the scene setter. Upon power up the 'Black Out' indicator is rapidly flashing. I have tried the sliders when this is flashing and after having pushed the Black Out key to clear the indicator. I have set the Mode to 1-24 single and am using channels 1 and 2 and the spot is set to channel 001.

Thank you again for your assistance.
Just a few thoughts. I have 2 of these spots and they don't give me any problems, and I use them with the ADJ Software: MyDMX.

First, this light has two operational modes: MANUAL(where you run it yourself) and DMX. Ensure you're in the right mode. That's your first step.

MANUAL operation means that besides moving it on your own MANUALLY, you are also operating the dimming and colors on your own. That is manual operation. I think you're referring to "DMX Operation", but you want to bring up the intensity and color via your controller. Big difference. You of course still need to move this and do your focus and iris control at the fixture itself.
Step 2: Ensure your channels are in fact set properly.

Step 3: Make sure you're not in blackout.

Step 4: Check your DMX polarity. Are you using DMX cabling? Is your cabling good? DMX terminator should never be a bad thing. I always use one, but it's a habit I have. I did a quick test with 2 movers and 2 10-foot cables and I still used a terminator.

Ensure your Master A Fader is full up.

Set your fade time slider to shortest time for now. You can tweak that later.

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