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Howdy, my name is Benjamin

New to compulive. I'm reconstructing a lighting system for a club. The system was left "willy nilly" by BoomBox's lighting engineer. I work with Light Jockey usually.

I'm trying to load a "page" for 4 PR XL-250 PR225m. I can find the profile with "ScanWizard", however when I load it I get a "Library has critical error" message alerting me to some "Default preferences missing- Chanel Iris and Gobo..."

What the hey?

Also any time I try to import a "page" for DMX addressing from other looks compulive crashes and then when I open it up again the pages are loaded.

Many questions.

The wailers are coming Thursday so im trying to get this figured out quick.

Any Ideas or other ways to find answers for a newbie? I'm reverse engineering a mess and just trying to get the software to work.

Thanks so much!
Benjamin (Vail Colorado)
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Hi, Bengod. Welcome to the forums. You can browse all my Pr profiles from my dropbox account from this link.
Can you tell me what model interface you are using? and what it shows up as when the program loads? Like say SL1024EC or suite FC, etc? Also let me know the release date of the program. you can find that out by going to the "?" in the top middle of the main window and selecting "about" and the version date will display on the splash screen.
I may have a newer release for you to try.
P.s. I am moving this topic to the compu live forum section. Thanks.

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