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Hi Everyone, this is my first time with leds,

I'm an electrical projectist from Mexico, and I founded a catalog of your products on a store here ("Elation Architectural"). Some days ago I received the project of a fountain, this fountain has a ring (4 ft of diameter) that is placed at 24 ft of height, the idea is let the water fall from this ring to a floormirror.

When I reviewed the project I remembered your underwater products like the "ELAR-4Z04". I'm thinking in suggesting to install 6 of this kind of lamps.

So I have two question.

1.- How can I select the Power Unit or Supply?
Maybe a "CLG-100-24" can work, or another.

2.- Which control or driver I can use in this case?
Maybe "ELAR-DRIVER-3" but I really don't know how it works.

Thank you very much, and I hope someone can help me with this.
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Hola Petter,

Our Elar fixtures are either 24 volts.
You can use any power supply that will give you 24 volts.
what you need to be sure of is the wattage.
This varies on the qty of fixtures you will use.

The ELAR DRIVER 3 is not available. we have the ELAR DRIVER 1.
The ELAR DRIVER 1 give you 3 channels of DMX. So you can connect all 6 ELAR 4z04 to 1 ELAR DRIVER 1 and they will all change together.
Or if you want to control each one seperatly, you will need 6 ELAR DRIVER 1.

The ELAR DRIVER 8 is 8 ELAR DRIVER 1's and a power supply.
This may be the best option for you.

Best regards,
Hi again and thanks for the response.
I will propose to use the "ELAR-DRIVER-8" for the project, but I have another question about the programming and control.

I read that "ELAR-DRIVER-8" has compatibility with DMX 512.

With this "ELAR-DRIVER-8", do I need to buy a DMX Operator or some Control Panel to do the programming and the change of color?
or I have to use some kind of software to program this device and put on "Stand Alone Mode"?

I will be waiting for your quick answer, thanks a lot for your help.

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