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Hey, got some questions in trying to setup lighting for my band; I'm the drummer so I cannot run things during the show so as much automation as possible is good, or at least be easy enough to trigger scenes from the laptop

  • My current setup:
  • 1 Elation Compu 2048FC (Nov 4 2008)
  • 4 Chauvet Intimidator 2.0 spots
  • 4 Chauvet Minspots
  • 1 Chauvet TecnoStrobeRGB
  • 1 Chauvet ColorstripRGB
  • 2 Chauvet Scorpion Scan LG60 lasers
  • 1 Chauvet Scorpion Scan LRG55 laser

  • Questions:

  • how do I correlate Compulive terminology (show/scene/switch/cycle) into musician terminology (show/set/song/verse-chorus-bridge-etc) so that I can get things setup correctly???

  • I cannot make any sense of the fixture page; the manual seems to indicate it's for taking something like the 4 Minspots and allowing you to change 2 at a time rather than all 4; I've just been using EasyStep to make different settings for each fixture; is there a better way???

  • I've been setting up scene buttons on each fixture page for a particular look, how do I group these buttons into a subdivision on the fixture page, rather than having each button be it's own subdivision, kind of like the preset movement macros???

  • don't know if this matters, but I have also edited the INIT buttons on the fixture pages to set the moving heads at 50-percent tilt, 360-degrees pan (i.e. they are pointing either straight up or down, and I can pan in either direction)

  • the INIT button on the Master page doesn't appear to call the INIT button on each fixture page (some fixtures init, some don't)

  • when I try to create a button on the Master page, I activate the scene button on each page, then go to the Master page and try to create a new button, but only a couple of the fixtures are listed, how do I get the rest of my fixtures???

  • I made my first attempt at an EasyShow over the weekend, not too bad to get setup; in a live situation, the audio sample for this will be triggered (on a Mac) by a MIDI channel/note and I want to use this same MIDI channel/note to trigger the sequence of lighting events; I don't see a way to directly trigger an EasyShow, so I tried to convert it to a cycle, but CompuLive always crashes at this point; is a cycle the correct way to do this??? is there a workaround for this???

  • for something like the LG60's, is there a way to set one of them to invert the X-movement, so that with X in the center both beams shoot straight out, but as I move X to either side, the beams either move towards each other or appart???

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Dude!..... That's a lot of questions at once. haha. Welcome to the forums. Before i stat answering tell me what version of the software are you using? is it the Nov. 4th 2008? I'm just trying to figure out why your easy show crashes when you try to save it as a cycle. Let me know which version you are using. to find out go to the question mark and then select about.
Once again welcome.
well, I've been storing questions up Big Grin

you probably don't recall, but I was lurking on the myDMX forum last summer and you recommended CompuLive instead with something like, "...a band like this could really benefit from a nice, synchronized light show..." and I agree

so I got it sometime last summer and have been slowly buying lights and what not and just playing around with the software and learning; learned ton's from this forum and the YouTube channel

yes, I am using the Nov 4 2008 version; CompuLive and EasyShow installed fine, but the 3DViewer won't install; I get, "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program"
Ya what i would do then is move all your work files such as .spa .ses .evs and any custom profiles to your desktop and then Uninstall the software then delete the SL2006 folder and then reinstall From the website. ALSO PLEASE make sure you run the .exe file from the DESKTOP and not the compressed .Zip folder. If you run it from the folder then it could cause problems like you are experiencing. so if you have ANY questions about how to do this properly Let me know.
you can Reinstall from here:
(NOTE THAT IS A DIRECT LINK. As soon as you click it the software will begin to install to your computer.)
uninstalled/re-installed and it no longer crashes when I generate a cycle from EasyShow, so I must have installed directly from the zip file (won't make THAT mistake again Red Face) James you are golden Smiler

I also was able to trigger both the audio sample on the Mac and the cycle on the PC from the guitarists PK-5 SUH-WEET!!! Big Grin

so now, onto the other questions...
ok I sent the crash file, hope they are some help Smiler
I know how hard it can be to diagnose a customer problem, remotely

as to my other questions, #3 might have to do with button compression, I've just recently come across that concept here on the forum; sounds like a way to create my own subgroup of my own buttons within the fixture page

#5 looks like it might have to do with page priority; if I make the master page the highest, then any buttons on the master page seem to perform as I'd have thought; but with that, the cycle I created from EasyShow no longer functions <<sigh>>

#6, some of the fixture pages were not linked to the master page; I'm fairly certain I didn't click the crown off, so I have no idea how that happened, but none the less it's resolved

the reason I'm asking all of this is because we play our first gig this saturday where I'm going to drag all this stuff out, and the idea that someone can step on a pedal or I can hit a pad and can start an audio sample on the Mac and also start a light-sequence on the PC is just too cool

thanks again for all your help Big Grin
No prob. i dont know how to read them but i sent them to people that do and it helps. you may even get a oatch sent to you to download and put in the sl2006 folder from a guy named dylan. it will fix whatever crashes you may have been experiencing.

But: number 3. i have a video on u tube of. you need to name each scene you wish to compress the same for example static 1 static 2 etc.

number 5. not necessarily. Try hitting the INIT on the master several times in a row. like 3 click rapidly. Should work. doesn't really have to do with pages priority.
6: ya need those to be checked. Glad you figured that out.
so if i missed anything let me know.
I've learned that on my moving-head lights, the pan/tilt won't go below the value I have set in the init button init-value

for example, I hit the init button on the master page, everything init's, then I hit scene 1 on the master page and any lights that should pan/tilt less than where they are at init, won't move

I editted the init button on the fixture page back to 0 tilt/pan and then things worked

what's keeping them from bring able to move past the init values???

I've read a little about DMX and highest/lowest takes precidence, but I don't want any min/max except 0-255

please help Confused
so the INIT button on each fixture page has to have everything set to 0 (zero)?

I had my moving heads at 360-degrees pan and 50% tilt so they do not have to move so far for the first scene, but if the INIT button is setting minimum-values, then I'll change them back

I found another thread that appears related:

Reprogramming "Init" page causes issues in other scenes

when you say you modify the INIT scene, do you mean on the fixture page or Master page? does the INIT scene on the Master page reference the INIT scenes on the fixture pages, or does it just collect the data in the INIT scenes from fixture pages and create it's own, seperate settings (i.e. if I modify the INIT scene on the Master page, do I affect the INIT scenes on the fixture pages and vice-versa?)

thanks again for the help Smiler

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