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Hi everyone,
I'm new in the forums and even newer in the idea of lighting. I just bought the Elation Scene Setter 24 and 2 DP415's which I am going to use with 8 par 56 cans. My question right now is can I use this controller to run LEDS???
I see a lot of the lights says they are 4 channel, 5 channel, etc. but don't know what that means. I was thinking of getting some for our drummers riser to keep him cool. Not understand a lot about how DMX works it will be a lot of trial and error till I figure it out. So be forwarned...I'll be asking a lot of questions. For beginning I'll just be using the dimmers until I figure out how to program scenes and shows.
Also....could anyone recommend good reading ot video tutorials on lighting and DMX control.

Thanks from the noob Big Grin
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Rick welcome to the forums. if you want to run dmx led lights on the S.S. 24 you are really gonna need a larger controller. you CAN use DMX lights with the S.S. 24 but are limited to only 24 channels. each dmx led par is about 5 dmx channels. which means 4 of those leds if you like them to be run individually will take up about 20 dmx channels. if you give me your email i can send you a PDF document about the basics and how to run DMX. my email is jamesk AT Elation lighting DOT COM so send me an email and i will gladly pass that along. and please feel free to post any or ALL questions you may have. And also NEVER plug a DMX light into a dimmer pack and try to dimm it that way, it will ruin your light. just letting you know Sincerely,
No you cant split the function of a dmx light. either has to be dmx or stand alone. and also do not plug in a DMX light to a dimmer pack EVER. you will ruin the light. the chips and such cannot handle being dimmed in that way. so if you have a led or two at about 6 dmx channels that will use up either 6 or 12 channels on that board. read the PDF and see if it makes sense in there. ok? let me know if you have any more questions after you have read it. Sincerely,

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