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I recently just started this lighting stuff and got confused real quick...
So I started off by setting up the lights then carefully trying to set the right channels
1st lights are chauvet minwash and set them at channel 1 with the 13 channel option,they are 3 of them and all set to the same channel 1
2nd set of lights were the chauvet colorstrips and they were set on channel 14,they are 4 off them and they were set with the first one as a master and the rest as slave lights
3rd set was 2 led starballs and they were set at channel 18...all were cabled with dmx accucables
I was hopeful this was all set right but when trying to use the OP192 I had problems,the minwash worked just fine but it seemed the colorstrips were operating on kinda funky,when I switched to the upper bank channels they would start operating at the same time as the minwash would with the same sliders(starting at slider#12 or 13 and the starballs would operate on the #10 or #11 sliders...are they supposed to do this?? Please excuse me for being a new idiot to this but this is a very new thing to me...
I was under the impression that they would operate with the fixture button and the sliders accompanying it and tried to turn off stuff with no luck can someone help me out with this??Thank you very much!!!
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I believe your issue is that each fixture on the 'Fixture' button represents 16 channels. Since you address the lights in numerical order, the 'Fixture' buttons won't line up. So fixture 1 is really channels 1-16. Fixture 2 is channels 17-32, then 3 is channels 33-48 and so on.

Try setting your first group of lights to channel 1 making them Fixture 1. Then your second group of lights as channel 17 making them Fixture 2. Lastly, your last group of lights to channel 33 making them Fixture 3.

See if that fixes the problem. As you select each fixture, it should only control that group of lights you addressed it to. I could also be wrong since I am not 100% sure of the ins and outs of the OP192. If that doesn't work however, post again and we will try to help some more.

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