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Well, Correct me if I am wrong but that board is mainly for intels.

you don't need to setup a fixture profile for dimmer packs they simply dimmer (0-255)

the dip switch need to be setup for channel for ex if you want dimmer pack one to be channels 1-4 set it as ch 1. if you want dimmer pack 2 to be 5-8 set it as 5. also there is probably a way to make it run on 1ch 2ch or 3ch.

if you want ch1-4 turn all dip switch to off.

Also note this is not a DMX dimmer pack. it is an NSI Miroplex one which can be use on dmx with a converter otherwise can only be use on NSI boards.
Don't try and plug this dimmer pack into a DMX console. Microplex is a powered signal and can fry the DMX drive of the console.

You will need a Microplex to DMX converter box to use it with a DMX console as geek3 said.

Your best bet, however, might be to look into different dimmer packs. Microplex is back from the time before DMX was standard in which everyone had their own control format. So instead of wasting money on a converter box for a dead end format, I would invest into new dimmer packs. This way you are on the same standard as everyone else and equipment is much more interchangeable then.

Other then that, welcome to the forums joeandkenz.

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